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At Sage, our people are the most important part of our success. Here’s how we are taking care of each other: 

  • We made no pay cuts or reductions in hours during COVID.

  • We instituted daily cleaning services to sanitize our facilities.

  • We had zero COVID transmissions in any facility.

  • We dramatically increased benefits during COVID.

  • We increased flexible PTO during COVID.

  • We offer training and hourly pay increases for technical certifications.

  • We hire first from within.

  • We honor our top Sagers each month.

  • We hire gender diverse, neurologically diverse, racially diverse, and culturally diverse people.

Our Staff Speaks


Great company to work for!

"Sage is growing and my career there is growing with it.  I've learned new things like Power BI and HubSpot.  My work day is never the same; each day brings new opportunities and challenges.  Everyone that I work with is super nice and supportive.  They are flexible and trusting enough to let me work from home.  And the best part is that I feel that I have a purpose and am doing something amazing for our plant every single day."

"The work culture is why I came to Sage and it has lived up to expectations. It was important to me to find an employer who cares about people and the planet. Sage has treated me and others well while diverting products from the waste stream back into the hands of new users."

"I think the culture at Sage is one focused around accomplishment and teamwork, which feels good and supports the sort of effective, productive work I find satisfying."

"One of my favorite things about working at Sage is the people. To be surrounded by some of the most hard working women and men is amazing. A lot of my peers care about what they do and it shows. It is a great thing being on a team with incredible work ethic. It truly is motivating."

"I like that Sage encourages innovation. I also like that the facilities are modern."

"I feel that Sage is uncommonly earnest with our pursuit of the mission. Sage's mission is simple and we live it everyday. As a product category manager, much of my time is spent finding homes for as many products as the market will take. The direction has always been to focus on raising the yield and keeping items out of the waste stream. Sage does its part by building and retaining a great team of pros."

"The Sage mission is admirable, and one that every company can get behind. From what I've seen, Sage definitely lives up to its mission to reduce waste."

The Sage Story

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Our Customers Comment

“My favorite thing about my ITAD Partner is their dedication to sustainability, their quest to get more life out of devices, and their unending support of our donation and employee recycling events.”

"I was in the throes of what could have been a major meltdown, and as it pains me to be vulnerable...it truly was that.  Josh assured me that packing wouldn't be an issue. He'd send a return slip via email and it'd be okay. First and foremost, he didn't know what Wasn't okay and yet his empathy was noted.  Still Melting down... As he gave me the necessary steps to take in order process my return... he did so in a manner that calmed me.  So much as to give me a direct # to reach and then his cell phone #.   WHO DOES THAT!!! IN THIS DAY AND AGE ...WHO GIVES OF THEMSELVES WHEN ANONYMITY IS THE NORM...THE STANDARD...THE TRAINING."

“It is always amazing to me what can be accomplished by a small group of like-minded people. It is an incredible time to be around, this is our time.”

“Yes, I am the king of off-the-wall requests, and they work extremely hard to satisfy my requests… ordering stuff that isn’t even ITAD related is an example, and a laundry list of off the wall equipment that they have picked up.” 

“Not only does this work support the sustainability of our environment, but it will also change lives. I very much appreciate [Senior Director of ITAM] driving this amazing transformation of our processes and our thinking.”

"Amazing work, the person you've assigned me was most  professional, took care of everything, great worker. Thank you, it is truly a pleasure dealing with you and your team, always such professionalism and results. Thank you to you and the SAGE team!!"


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Our Benefits

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Did you know?

The amount that Sage pays for “individual” and “family” benefits is equal to additional hourly pay of $1.71 and $5.27 respectively.comp tia_sage sustainable electronics (3)CompTia certifications increase wages by
$1/hour per certification.

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The Sage Credo

How we work together is a source of our strategic advantage

Image of Earth planet in human hands. Protect planet.

Who We're Working For

  • The Planet
  • Customers
  • Colleagues
  • Our communities
  • Suppliers
  • Our shareholders
who we are_sage sustainable electronics

Who We Are

We are building a diverse global team of top performers who demonstrate: 

  • Creativity and initiative;
  • Commitment to our mission, and;
  • Personal accountability for business results.
everones_a_master_sage sustainable electronics

Everyone's a Master

Every team member, and every assignment, must be strategic to our mission.

You must develop mastery of your domain to ensure: 

  • All our work adds value to our stakeholders;
  • Our business runs efficiently and delivers quality results;
  • We are continuously improving.
the skill of doing_sage sustainable electronics

The Skill of Doing

Our vision to change the world depends on each team member’s mastery of their domain, their creativity, and their personal accountability for results. 

But there can be no accountability for results without execution – the essential discipline everyone must learn and practice. 

“Vision without execution is hallucination.” — Thomas A. Edison

Transparency + Metrics_Sage Sustainable Electronics

Transparency + Metrics

Execution and personal accountability for business results is supported by metrics and transparency. 

We measure relentlessly and share the data. You must be comfortable being known by your accomplishments. 

Metrics are the tools we use to build upon the foundation of our mission.

Access and Communication_sage sustainable electronics

Access and Communication

Respect comes first.
Every door is open.
Everyone is available to anyone in the company.
Open, honest, clear and direct communication with one another is a source of our strategic advantage.
dont_have_a_policy_sage sustainable electronics

We don’t have a policy for that

Everyone must be a master of their domains, and be personally accountable for business results. We therefore don’t have specific policies for:

  • The hours you work
  • Where you work
  • Who you work with
  • The vacation(s) you take
  • How to best protect the interest of the Stakeholders.

We expect you to always use good judgement. 

If you find this kind of personal accountability and freedom empowering, you belong here.

all bosses are stupid_sage sustainable electronics

All Bosses Are Stupid

It’s true, eventually — sorry.

We rely on you to know what’s best in your domain — to speak up, and to fight for stakeholders’ interests. You must be comfortable "managing up" with our leaders, because YOU are personally accountable for business results. 

Open, honest clear and direct communication with our leaders is another source of strategic advantage.

compensation_sage sustainable electronics


If your primary motivation is money, you don’t belong here.
That said, our best people will be top-tier earners relative to the market for their skills, experience, and positions.
Every team member will share in the success of our business.
who will love it here_sage sustainable electronics

Who will love it here?

  • People who are creative, committed, accountable. (We already covered that.)
  • People who are adaptable, who are comfortable with change;
  • Open people;
  • Positive people.

We don’t think you can be happy in life — or be a great employee — if you don’t love your job.

sharpening the saw_sage sustainable electronics

Sharpening the Saw

Where do you want to be in five years? This is not a hypothetical question.

Everyone is expected to grow continuously — professionally and personally. And our leaders are responsible for helping you define and achieve your goals.

work life balance_ sage sustainable electronics

Work-Life Balance

Work+Life. It’s not either/or.

We believe that both should be enjoyable and fulfilling.
Fulfillment at work requires a commitment to our mission and achieving results. We appreciate that this requires the support of others in your life.
We know meeting your life commitments requires our support, including soccer games, anniversary dinners, and sick kids. We want you to be accountable for personal results too.

innovation_sage sustainable electronics


Innovation is our strategy for adding value and growing. We depend on your creativity to make new good things happen. 

You will thrive here if you are comfortable:

  • Boldly sharing ideas that might sound stupid at first;
  • Being open to others’ ideas;
  • Failing fast and small;
  • Adjusting and persisting;
  • Taking personal accountability for results;
  • Spreading the credit around when a good thing comes together.

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