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Sage GoodTogether™️ Program

Your ITAD program can empower communities and organizations in need by giving them a like-new technology experience with your securely refurbished assets.

As pioneers in reuse, Sage has decades of experience securely refurbishing devices for a second user.

That's what we do best

GoodTogether™️ Donation Process

From your asset’s next life to the end of its life, our GoodTogether program promises the highest quality data erasure and refurbishment possible. So, you’ll rest easy knowing your tech is bound for a higher purpose, securely. Here’s how we process your GoodTogether donations:

Identify Your Recipients

If you have a beneficiary in mind, fabulous. If not, no problem, Sage will work with you to identify a donation recipient through our network of non-profit partners and organizations.

Asset Prep & Delivery

Your donated assets will be prepped in the same manner as our corporate redeployments or consumer sales. But, in the case of GoodTogether, we add custom messaging to your recipients and work directly with your team to track, manage, and document the delivery. Learn more about our secure process here.

Capture the Moment

Upon delivery, Sage will coordinate with your chosen non-profit to document their experience in order to share the story on social channels or within a press release. Your good will raise the bar for other ITAD programs, thus creating a ripple effect across the industry.

Are you a nonprofit?

If you are a non-profit or community organization in need of devices such as laptops, monitors or desktops, Sage is here to help. Your first step will be to identify a corporate donor. Once you have a corporate donor in mind, connect them with the Sage team to process the devices securely into a like-new state. Partner with Sage Sustainable Electronics for a seamless and secure donation process. Together, we can make a meaningful impact with technology.

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The ratio of devices reused vs. recycled determines what we call your Reusable Yield. Measure yours and watch your impact grow with our RY Calculator.

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Founded in 2014, we're pioneers within the ITAD sustainability movement. Learn about our company’s founding and explore our team’s experience and specialties.