Long live tech™

Extending the life of every electronic device saves the planet (and your bottom line). Since 2014, Fortune 100 companies have entrusted Sage with the secure refurbishment or ethical recycling of hundreds of thousands of devices per year.

Your tech's extended life is our mission.

E-Waste is one of the most pressing issues of our time

In 2019, humans created 53.6 M tons of electronic waste

Only 17% was processed appropriately

The total weight equals 350 cruise ships

This number is expected to double by 2030

Sage envisions a world free of toxic eWaste, where tech is available and affordable for everyone.

Our unwavering commitment to making the world more sustainable and equitable means your assets are always secure, protected, and bound for a higher purpose.

This is Why We Exist

Why e-Stewards Certified Recycling is important

Tech doesn't biodegrade

When a computer is recycled, many of its materials don't decompose. Heavy metals and other toxins can be released into our water, rivers, and oceans.

Rogue cross-border shipping

In 2019, an estimated 5.1 million metric tons (9.5%) of the global e-waste was shipped across borders, while 35% of this transboundary movement was controlled and 65% was not.

Massive ewaste exposure

30 million people in 15 countries are exposed to e-Waste every year. Underdeveloped nations bear the brunt of this crisis.

True impact starts within your IT Lifecycle

Today’s IT leaders have an opportunity and, we would argue, an obligation, to dramatically decrease their corporation’s carbon footprint.

With mandatory climate reporting rules for major U.S. and European companies on the horizon and with corporate boards more incentivized than ever to meet Environmental Social Governance (ESG) standards (Wall Street Journal), for many corporations sustainability across every aspect of an IT department is no longer optional.

Fortunately, Sage is dedicated to guiding our clients toward making these goals a reality.

Our mission to achieve digital equity

We see an equitable future with sustainable electronics that are available and affordable for everyone.

How we do it

Improve your ITAD impact.

The ratio of devices reused vs. recycled determines what we call your Reusable Yield. Want to see the impact Reusable Yield has on your ITAD results? 

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