What We Do

Waste not. Want not.

We have a relentless drive to extend the life of technology, which decreases your carbon footprint and reduces your total cost of ownership. We love refurbishing used tech for new users. And though our standards for recycling are uncompromising, we consider it a last resort. This old adage holds true on a daily basis here at Sage.

We were founded on the premise that wasting perfectly good, operational technology by tossing it into the recycling bin is not only bad for the environment but also bad for business. That’s why our process is designed with sustainability as a core focus.

Our Impact-Driven Process

Pick up & Transport
Audit & Data Security
Repair & Refurbish
Pick up & Transport
Audit & Data Security
Repair & Refurbish

Our experience in ITAD means it’s unlikely you’ll give us a challenge we haven’t seen before.

Sure, we’re in the ITAD business, but, even more so, we’re in the business of solving lifecycle management problems for impact-driven clients.

This is what we do

Pick up & Transport

Inventory and reconciliation

Packaging and palletization

Secure transport

Work-from-home options

Audit & Data Security

Detailed audit

Hard drive erasure/shred

Data flash/factory reset

Repair & Refurbish

Testing and cleaning

Strategic repair

Windows license


Redeployment or donation

Resale or lease return

Employee purchase

E-Stewards certified recycling


Detailed audit reporting

Certificate of Destruction

API and KPI dashboards

Depot Services



Integration and configuration



Onsite Services

Technical install and deinstall

Data sanitization and drive shredding


Facility decommissioning and shutdown

Practice Advisory

Quarterly reviews

Impact assessment

Findings and Key insights

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Improve your ITAD impact

The ratio of devices reused vs. recycled determines what we call your Reusable Yield. Measure yours and watch your impact grow with our RY Calculator.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

Founded in 2014, Sage leaders were pioneers within the ITAD sustainability movement. Learn about our company’s founding and explore our team’s experience and specialties.