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About Us

While many claim to do so, Sage is one of the only ITAD providers placing the secure reuse of electronics at the forefront of our practice in order to slow climate change.

By partnering with Sage Sustainable Electronics to reuse more and recycle less, IT departments can securely produce higher yields of like-new refurbished devices while also meeting corporate responsibilities to decrease carbon emissions.

LEading the Industry for Over 25 Years

Bob Houghton Co-Founder & CEO

With 30+ years of leadership in ITAD, Bob has defined best practices for the industry in security, asset management, and responsible recycling. A mission-driven leader committed to sustainability, environmental justice, and digital equity, Bob never loses sight of the Sage mission. Prior to co-founding Sage, Bob co-founded Redemtech, a company known as one of the first in the ITAD industry to take on a sustainability focus.

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Our Team

In their decades of collective ITAD experience, our leadership team has guided the entire industry toward a higher standard for IT sustainability.

Mina Izadi, Executive Vice President, Sage

Mina Izadi, Executive Vice President

Lisa Gunsauley, VP Client Engagement

Lisa Gunsauley, VP, Client Engagement

Patrick Kara, COI Sage

Patrick Kara, CIO

Terri Viscoglosi, Customer Support Manager

Terri Viscoglosi, Customer Support Manager

Bill Moler, CFO Sage

Bill Moler, CFO

Karen Lutz-Lento VP Product Planning and Merchandising

Karen Lutz-Lento, VP, Product Planning & Merchandising

Alaina Shearer, VP Marketing

Alaina Shearer, VP, Marketing

Aaron Cramer, Director of Practice Advisory

Aaron Cramer, Director, Practice Advisory

Carrie Large, Senior Director Enterprise Solutions

Carrie Large, Senior Director, Enterprise Solutions

Joe Sipl_Vice President of Business Development_Sage Sustainable Electonics

Joe Sipl, VP of Business Development

Teresa Rue, Director, Logistics and Onsite Services

Teresa Rue, Director, Logistics & On-Site Services

Jim Morrow - VP, Operations_Sage

jim morrow, VP, Operations

Improve your ITAD impact.

The ratio of devices reused vs. recycled determines what we call your Reusable Yield. Measure yours and watch your impact grow with our RY Calculator.

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Seeking Purpose-Driven IT Leaders

If you’re dedicated to environmental sustainability and digital equity, you’re a match for Sage. It’s because every point in our process centers around improving your impact.


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