Careers at Sage

Our Mission:
To make the world more sustainable by extending the life of electronics. We are building a diverse team of top performers who are passionate about our mission. All jobs earn a living wage and benefits on day one.

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Why Work At Sage?

CompTia certifications increase wages by $1/hour per certification.

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Information Technology

The Sage Credo

How we work together is a source of our strategic advantage

Who We’re Working For:

  • The Planet
  • Customers
  • Colleagues
  • Our communities
  • Suppliers
  • Our shareholders

Who We Are:

We are building a diverse global team of top performers who demonstrate: 

  • Creativity and initiative;
  • Commitment to our mission, and;
  • Personal accountability for business results.

Everyone's a Master:

Every team member, and every assignment, must be strategic to our mission.

You must develop mastery of your domain to ensure: 

  • All our work adds value to our stakeholders;
  • Our business runs efficiently and delivers quality results;
  • We are continuously improving.

The Skill of Doing:

Our vision to change the world depends on each team member’s mastery of their domain, their creativity, and their personal accountability for results. 

But there can be no accountability for results without execution – the essential discipline everyone must learn and practice. 

“Vision without execution is hallucination.” — Thomas A. Edison

Transparency + Metrics:

Execution and personal accountability for business results is supported by metrics and transparency. 

We measure relentlessly and share the data. You must be comfortable being known by your accomplishments. 

Metrics are the tools we use to build upon the foundation of our mission.


Innovation is our strategy for adding value and growing. We depend on your creativity to make new good things happen. 

You will thrive here if you are comfortable:

  • Boldly sharing ideas that might sound stupid at first;
  • Being open to others’ ideas;
  • Failing fast and small;
  • Adjusting and persisting;
  • Taking personal accountability for results;
  • Spreading the credit around when a good thing comes together.

Access and Communication:

Respect comes first.
Every door is open.
Everyone is available to anyone in the company.
Open, honest, clear and direct communication with one another is a source of our strategic advantage.

All Bosses Are Stupid:

It’s true, eventually — sorry.

We rely on you to know what’s best in your domain — to speak up, and to fight for stakeholders’ interests. You must be comfortable "managing up" with our leaders, because YOU are personally accountable for business results. 

Open, honest clear and direct communication with our leaders is another source of strategic advantage.

Our Policies Are Simple:

  • Use good judgement.
  • Act with integrity.
  • Keep your promises (or make it right in advance).
  • Respect everyone.
  • Serve the greater good
    • Team>Self
    • Company>Team
    • Customer>Company
    • Mission>Customer

We don’t have a policy for that:

Everyone must be a master of their domains, and be personally accountable for business results. We therefore don’t have specific policies for:

  • The hours you work
  • Where you work
  • Who you work with
  • The vacation(s) you take
  • How to best protect the interest of the Stakeholders.

We expect you to always use good judgement. 

If you find this kind of personal accountability and freedom empowering, you belong here.


If your primary motivation is money, you don’t belong here.
That said, our best people will be top-tier earners relative to the market for their skills, experience, and positions.
Every team member will share in the success of our business.

Work-Life Balance:

Work+Life. It’s not either/or.

We believe that both should be enjoyable and fulfilling.
Fulfillment at work requires a commitment to our mission and achieving results. We appreciate that this requires the support of others in your life.
We know meeting your life commitments requires our support, including soccer games, anniversary dinners, and sick kids. We want you to be accountable for personal results too.

Sharpening the Saw:

Where do you want to be in five years? This is not a hypothetical question.

Everyone is expected to grow continuously — professionally and personally. And our leaders are responsible for helping you define and achieve your goals.

Who will love it here?:

  • People who are creative, committed, accountable. (We already covered that.)
  • People who are adaptable, who are comfortable with change;
  • Open people;
  • Positive people.

We don’t think you can be happy in life — or be a great employee — if you don’t love your job.