GoodTogether® for Donation Recipients

If you are a non-profit or community organization in need of devices such as laptops, monitors or desktops, Sage is here to help. Your first step will be to identify a corporate donor. Once you have a corporate donor in mind, connect them with the Sage team to process the devices securely into a like-new state. Partner with Sage Sustainable Electronics for a seamless and secure donation process. Together, we can make a meaningful impact with technology.

Why do corporations trust Sage to process their donated devices?

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Secure refurbishment process to wipe devices of any data

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Like-new refurbished devices come with a 1-year warranty

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How Donation Fulfillment Works

Sage Sustainable Electronics is a conduit between corporate donors and donation recipients. Together, we can do great good by processing donated devices securely in order to refurbish them into a like new state. While Sage does not make donations directly, we often introduce non-profits to corporate donors looking to make a contribution. In other cases, Sage is approached by corporate donors who have already identified a receiving organization and we process their donation.

Donation Refurbishment Options

If you’ve received a corporate device donation, there are two paths you can follow to fund the refurbishment of the devices.

Option 1 Service Fee Based Donation

Your corporate donor or your organization covers the service fees associated with refurbishing the devices. Once refurbished, the devices are ready for immediate use by your non-profit.

Option 2 Remarketing Funded Donation

Donated devices are refurbished by Sage, and a portion of them are resold for profit. The proceeds from these sales cover the service fees for the remaining devices, which are then allocated to your non-profit.


What if my organization needs technology, but we don’t have a donor identified?

If your organization is in need of technology such as laptops, monitors or desktop computers please fill out this donation request form. If we find a corporate donor looking to donate to an organization like yours, we will forward your information to them for consideration.

What if I have a corporate donor willing to donate devices to my organization?

If you have a corporate donor willing to donate devices to your organization, congratulations! The next step is to fill out this form and our sales team will be in touch to provide an estimate on the service costs to process your devices into a like new state. If you do not have a budget for these costs, consider approaching your corporate donor and requesting that they cover the cost of the service fees. Oftentimes, corporate donated devices may not be in good working order and it is paramount to refurbish them securely and sustainably before use.

How likely are corporations to donate to a non-profit and to cover the cost of the device refurbishment fees?

Donating used technology to community organizations and non-profits is a common practice of many companies and major corporations in the United States. In fact, Sage processes hundreds of devices per year bound for a donation recipient.

Who should I reach out to at a corporation to ask for a donation?

As you can imagine the demand for donated devices is high, however, the amount of those asking may be low depending on the company or corporation you are reaching out to. So, asking is worth a shot! We recommend writing a compelling email or letter to the Chief Information Officer or a company with over 5,000 employees (these size companies are more likely to have donation capacity). If the CIO is unresponsive you can approach Board members or other members of the C-Suite.
Describe your organization’s mission and why you think the corporation’s missions or values aligns with your own. For example, if you teach financial literacy to young people in an urban neighborhood community center, a national bank may want to sponsor your effort with a donation as the two missions align. For more on how to pitch a digital equity program, read our blog post here.

Does Sage donate devices?

No. If you are looking for donated devices, Sage does not actually donate devices, we process donated devices. This means we connect our corporate clients to non-profits, we are the lynchpin within the donation process but not the donating party.

What if I have a corporate donor but they don’t want to pay to process our donated devices?

There are a few options. First, you could launch a fundraising effort within your community or approach your non-profits board members for donations to fund the effort. Another option would be to ask Sage to sell a portion of the donated devices. The revenue from the sales of some devices could potentially cover the cost of refurbishing devices for donation.



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