Your gadgets have more to give. Tender loving care and sprucing-up ensures maximum value.

Your assets have served you well--and probably show it.  Wear and tear, and the occasional coffee stain and scuff mark, reduce the market value of even the most functional gadgets. Value-appropriate investment in refurbishing will please the next user and deliver great ROI.
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Investing in repairs

"Sometimes a ten minute repair makes the difference between a valuable item being reused or recycled." —Josh, Tech Specialist
Key Features


  • Replace missing items
  • Technical evaluation
  • Component replacement
  • Board level repairs


  • Remove all asset tags, stickers, and non-OEM labels
  • Remove all user-inflicted notes, doodles, and miscellaneous marks
  • Perform general cleaning


  • Replace missing or damaged plastics
  • Touch up scratches in painted surfaces
  • Replace missing feet, knobs, or other controls
How we do it better
Refurbishing is an investment in sustainability and value recovery.  We ensure that every item that can be economically refurbished finds a long second life.
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MAR Laptop

Sage is proud to be an official
Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher.

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