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Five Reasons To Buy Refurbished Electronics Over New (Original)


five-reasons-to-buy-refurbished-instead-of-new-electronics_sage sustainable electronicsWhen you’re shopping for a deal you can brag about at your next holiday party, there’s one option you might not have considered, but that will blow away all other markdowns. Purchasing a refurbished electronic device instead of a new one. That’s right: a like-new tablet, laptop, or monitor that will change how you do shopping from now on.

Reuse is, hands-down, the best way to be sustainable when it comes to hard-to-recycle items like electronic devices. And, in the corporate world, there are tens of thousands of devices that are turned in after only a year or two of use. This means those gadgets out there still have a ton more to give, and you could find the deal of a lifetime getting one.

So, here are five reasons you should be shopping for refurbished devices from now on:

  1. Deals this good can’t be passed up – Manufacturers have a margin that prohibits deep discounts. But, with refurbished, it’s a whole different game, and that means you can expect 60% to 70% off new device prices. If you buy from Sage Sustainable Electronics, you also get a one-year warranty and fully backed return policy, so you'll have a like-new buying experience too. 
  2. You can break the upgrade treadmill – Incremental progress doesn’t warrant constant investment. So, save your money for the really big changes by purchasing refurbished in between those monumental shifts in technology.

Be strategic about your upgrades and
you’ll leapfrog technological progress.

  1. Compatibility with existing technology – If you’re like many of us, you probably still have actual CDs somewhere in storage. Buying refurbished can allow you to access media or software that might not work on the latest models. Even just one or two generations back could be the difference you need.
  2. Invest in the sustainable market – When you purchase refurbished technology, your money goes to fund a reuse market that counts toward the planet. That’s a deeper value than even the discount you’ll receive, plus it makes for a great story at the party.
  3. It’s one purchase that actually starts at “zero”– The environmental cost of manufacturing an electronic device is vast. From extracting minerals, washing and processing them, shipping the finished devices, and even powering them up, there is a hefty debit on the environmental ledger before a brand new device is even opened. Bypass all that by purchasing a refurbished device and feel good about your small part in getting the planet healthy again.

Every refurbished device bought is a
device that doesn’t go to the landfill

Here at Sage, we see all the time how lives are changed when we refurbish and re-sell devices. Customers, who rave about our prices, love making a sustainable choice and appreciate the like-new product just as much as if they’d plucked it straight from the assembly line. This makes us proud to be an ethical and sustainable way for you to upgrade your technology.

We can achieve this level of satisfaction because our products come from corporations and businesses who need to upgrade for compliance reasons. This means our devices aren’t too old in the first place; they probably only had one employee using them, and the corporate IT department has kept them meticulously maintained. Plus, with our Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) certification, we guarantee that our products meet even the OEM’s standards. 

Now that you're thinking about the good you can do when you purchase refurbished devices, go check the Sage Shop. You will likely find a deal so good it’ll make Black Friday blush. 

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