Brice Bunner

Donating Just One Tablet & A Laptop Can Blow Away Boundaries

Reusing surplus IT assets for non-profit organizations and schools is a great idea we see put into action every day. And while massive response from corporate donors of caches—like 30 laptops and 50 tablets—being donated makes for better headlines, we pause for a story that proves it’s not the numbers that matter.

Donating Just One Tablet & A Laptop Can Blow Away Boundaries- Good Together_Sage Sustainable Electronics (1)

For many with developmental disadvantages in the Purdue University area, Life Has No Boundaries (LHNB) is an organization that revolutionizes day-to-day life through education and training on life skills, like: grocery shopping, personal hygiene, chores, and cooking. But in order to fulfill the organization’s mission “to foster independence and friendships and improve the quality of life for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities,” LHNB has to rely on technology.

Unlocking human potential through tech

We’ve talked before about the potential of technology to empower individuals, on our other blog. Understanding this intrinsic power of technology to teach and facilitate positive change in people is how an organization like Life Has No Boundaries is able to bring change so effectively. Using technology to create lessons, to show instructional videos and illustrations, and to track progress all enable Alyssa Montgomery, executive director and owner of LHNB, to bring critical life skills to her students in a powerful way.  

Alyssa previously worked as a life-skills teacher for a different program but noticed many of her students would stop learning and fall out of the community after high school. In wanting to give her students a better quality of life ongoing, she started No Boundaries in a church on Purdue’s campus. She quickly realized that many of the LHNB students are visual learners, so being able to pull up pictures, videos, and web apps was especially important.

Take two devices and make a huge impact

Through GoodTogether, Huntington Bank was able to provide the fledgling organization with a laptop and an iPad. Just two devices out of the multitude of donations Huntington has provided over the years, but two devices that nonetheless make a world of difference for a community of people with developmental disabilities. Proving that it’s not in the quantity of technology, but the use of that technology, where real change happens. Life Has No Boundaries received these devices in the last days of 2019 and beginning of 2020.

Understandably, Alyssa was overjoyed to receive the donation—especially since she had no idea where that conversation with her bank teller, a few months before, would lead. Alyssa funds LHNB through Huntington and was chatting with April, a Huntington employee, about the program. Not too long after, Sage was contacted by that branch to process a donation for Alyssa’s organization.

Remember that changing lives does not have to be a monumental task. Even just one donation to the right recipient can provide so much positive change. Life Has No Boundaries serves as a great example of how donations of any quantity can elevate the lives of so many people. Life Has No Boundaries, and many organizations like it, are still helping people even during the pandemic. The need for technology has never been greater, and single donations like this one might just be the answer to this incredible opportunity.


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