The Concept is Simple

Corporations in America retire millions of devices each year.
The vast majority of these machines are still usable.
Sage takes your used electronics, refurbishes them, and transfers the electronics or proceeds from the sale to those in need.

We help you meet your community investment goals.




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Transforming Surplus IT for the Greater Good

Every business using technology today has the chance to support a great cause: digital equity. Corporations across America retire millions of devices each year and the vast majority of these are still very useful.

At the same time, millions of Americans still lack access to a computer at home, and many nonprofits desperately need technology but lack funding. Sage has a social mission: to make technology available to all people. To accomplish this, Sage refurbishes surplus devices from our Corporate Partners and, with their strategic direction, provides them to organizations and communities in need.

Corporate technology donations provide some of the most reliable technology brands available. When you pair corporate technology donations with Sage’s refurbishment program and social mission, you transform an e-waste stream into an opportunity stream. This is our formula for eliminating the digital divide and empowering organizations doing social good. We call that GoodTogether.

Take moment to read the stories of success. Get inspired to make a difference. Learn how your organization can participate in our GoodTogether Program.

Before You Do Anything

With Your Laptops, iPads, Tablets, Desktops, Monitors and Printers,

Learn How Easy It Is To Give Them A New Life.

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Helping Students Get the Technology They Need

Huntington National Bank’s donation of 50 laptops to Laptops 4 Learning came at the right time to put this non-profit's goals back on track and can help students get the technology they need at home to be successful in school.

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Connecting People to Their Community

It is with the recent generosity of Charles Schwab’s donation of 400 desktop systems that Arc of Ohio mission continues to positively impact the needs of more people and families.

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Limitless Recreation Endures With Surplus IT Asset Donation

Huntington's donation of 10 laptops and 8 tablets to Recreation Unlimited was a life saver and really couldn't have come at a better time… [it’s] fantastic!

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Donated IT Assets Elevate the Women of Every Woman Works

That’s why the 20 laptops Chick-fil-A donated to Every Woman Works is such a great story. Thanks to this donation, so far, 13 of the 15 women currently being helped by the organization are now employed, thanks to the technology they received. 

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Do Something About Natural Disasters

Sage’s GoodTogether program was able to coordinate delivery of 20 laptops to Habitat families, to turn their new dwellings into a fully fledged home.



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Your Laptops Can Improve Student Learning

Laptops 4 Learning (L4L) received 10 high-quality laptops from a long-time GoodTogether donor, Chick-fil-A.



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Your iPads Can Impact The Community

LifeCare was overjoyed to receive the generous gift. 250 iPad 2s were delivered to LifeCare in mid-January, bringing the New Year in with jet-fueled flair.



I know I can scholarship

Your Donation Can Make College A Reality

 Huntington Bank's School Back Pack Program provided  laptops in 1,000 backpacks for the I Know I can Program.

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womens sociey of cyverjitsu

Empower Tomorrow’s Tech Wizards

A total of 30 cutting-edge laptops were donated to The Women’s Society of CyberJutsu just as the news of the Coronavirus hit.

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fellowship of christian athletes_ Dominican republic

Make A Global Impact

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes International staff was having difficulty making these connections for lack of technology in their Dominican Republic satellite. Without funding for electronic devices to facilitate sharing their passion, the coaches and athletes  were stifled.


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Do you need technology?
Sage can help you get the technology you need from our generous donors.

Here is what people are saying about the impact of our GoodTogether®️ program.

Charles Schwab, thank you so much for your thoughtful consideration to donate to an organization like ours. Even our interns, who are going to be the future leaders of tomorrow. We really can't thank you enough
Sera Koulabdara
Legacies Of War

It can be life-changing for a student to receive a laptop". Donations like this allow Laptops 4 Learning to provide laptops to students who do not have a support network and cannot afford to buy one on their own. The organization pays for these laptops through monetary donations and grants, so laptop donations allow them to serve the most needy and helps the grant money go further

Brenda Powell
Laptops for Learning

Thank you for considering my business for this donation. These devices have really helped educate these kids and further their growth.

Alyssa Montgomery
Life Has No Boundaries
On the behalf of the families that we serve at Habitat, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We look forward to partnering with you again. It was a pleasure having their staff onsite for them to witness the impact on the families and how appreciative the families were. Beyond the donation, they gave their time to the families.” Tina - “Technology is definitely a terrific addition to getting a home. It was awesome that their employees got to see it in action and really see the impact of the donation.
Maribel Saucedo
Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re fanatical about inventory control and security. Every logistics crew has been trained and certified in procedures that protect both client data and asset value. Flexible options allow you to choose the logistics solution that perfectly fits your company’s need for security and economy.

We use the world's best tools to destroy your data.  But the vast majority of data breaches are from loss or theft, not a process failure.  So we integrate pervasive inventory control into every logistics and sanitization procedure to ensure we account for everything, all the time.  And once your data's history, we can prove it.

Asset disposition data can be voluminous. Updating asset repositories and turning it all into business intelligence can be a daunting task.

Sage's standard reporting tracks assets through the chain of custody, through daily, weekly or monthly feeds. We're also pleased to provide custom feeds according to customer needs.

Providing data is one thing. But what we do with that data is another, and what distinguishes us from our competitors. Through our Key Stakeholder Report, we translate the numbers into concrete, trackable business results. We show how your IT portfolio can positively influence all corners of your business.

We provide donation receipts for donated technology that includes both the value of the hardware and the software for donations made to qualifying nonprofits.

We carefully evaluate every item to optimize asset value.


The value of used electronics varies with age, operating condition, configuration, and cosmetic condition, not to mention market conditions. A thorough asset-by-asset assessment allows us to prescribe exactly the services required to optimize asset value.

Sage Central enables Sage customers with a dashboard view of their enterprise disposition program and streamlines management of the process.

Sage Central is the widget-based portal for simplifying ITAD program management.  Request and manage pickups from a single location, or thousands nationwide. View and manage inventory by disposition or product category.  View and download essential reporting on demand.
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