Brice Bunner

Big Futures Made Possible Thanks to Generous Tech Donation

The Request: A chance to stay connected with each other

The Donor: Huntington Banks | The Donation: 200 Laptops

Building on the four pillars of life skills, empowerment, college access, and workforce readiness, the Big Futures Program of Big Brothers Big Sisters carries the students who are aging-out of the program into their next stage of life. Mentors work hands-on with students for an organic learning environment as many of the students are in the program due to problems at home, or with traditional schooling.

In today’s COVID scenario, however, access to technology and digital fluency are critical components to anyone’s Big Future. Big Brothers Big Sisters needed technology in order to maintain the infrastructure between their volunteers, as well as to connect remotely with all the students in the program—especially as many of them have no digital access in the first place.

On the other side of the spectrum, Huntington Bank was looking to offload surplus IT Assets from a recent company-wide upgrade. In fact, 200 laptops were available from Huntington to perfectly match up with the Big Futures program. Out of this generous donation, 10 laptops went to volunteers; 160 went to the students, with a focus on outfitting those without any access; and 10 more went to Big Brothers Big Sisters’ life-skills camp in Hocking Hills.

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This donation also helped to update the image of Big Brothers Big Sisters as a tech-savvy organization. And, with a donation this big, gaps that were not as obvious at first were filled; the remaining 20 laptops Big Futures went to alumnus of the program. It’s clear that when handled sustainably, corporate IT Assets can do so much more than just sit in a closet or in some landfill somewhere.

Corporate donations of surplus IT assets can do so much good when teamed up with the right need. While 200 laptops can revolutionize an organization struggling with quarantine, here’s a story of how donating just one or two devices can also make a difference.


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