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What Microsoft Certification does for IT Asset Management


Image ©: TechcrunchIt’s a new year and we are looking to make some changes. Last year, we updated our website and reinvested in the mission of Sage: to make the world more sustainable by extending the life of electronics. And this year, we have some big things in store for this blog.

But, as we work out the kinks in that project, we thought it’d be good to talk a little about how we handle the various aspects of ITAD and ITAM. This is going to be a multi-parter interspersed between other blog posts, so sit back and relax while we explain what can be gained with Microsoft Certification.

Running with the big dogs

It’s undisputable that Microsoft is a leader in the IT industry. In fact, even more so than Apple, MS products have been a mainstay in corporate America since the 80s. Between their software and the hardware they produce, Microsoft has an equity stake in nearly everything we touch.

ITAM and ITAD are acronyms for IT Asset Management and IT Asset Disposition, respectively. As the names imply, ITAM/ITAD companies handle the technology assets (laptops, monitors, server bays, VOIP phones, etc.) for businesses, organizations, and corporations nationwide. These assets are easily 90% Microsoft products or running MS DOS.badge-mar.png

To adequately support this overwhelming percentage of hardware, any ITAM company worth its weight would need to have access to Microsoft’s insider track. This, understandably, comes with its own set of responsibilities. But we feel those are well worth the effort to be certified refurbishers.

Reuse is our Muse

At Sage, our goal for sustainability in electronics means we do far more than just shred and ship the technology we receive. In fact, as part of our mission, we avoid recycling until there is absolutely nothing left to use. And even then, we only work with e-Steward certified recyclers. So, to make the most of the assets we manage, we redeploy refurbished technology complete with new licenses of Windows and MS Office.

As a result of this extra step in certification, buying a refurbished product from the Sage shop means you receive a product that meets or exceeds Microsoft’s level of product excellence. Completely new licenses of software, thoroughly cleaned hardware, and even a warranty makes a certified refurbished device as like-new as possible.

At the end of the day, refurbished devices make good ROI

Your gadgets have more to give. And though they may be insufficient for your use, there are other businesses, organizations, and individuals out there who would jump at a chance to have your outmoded technology. By working with an ITAM company who’s certified for refurbishing, you can capture back a larger percentage of your initial investment in that technology.

Beyond just offering a better experience for the end user of your retired technology, having Microsoft certification means the ITAM company is more likely to reuse rather than recycle. And, as we said earlier, the best way to be sustainable with technology is to make use of it as much as possible. By getting the certification, your ITAM company is investing in pursuing sustainable ITAD.

Our methods are definitely not for the faint of heart. Every step we take to be more sustainable is adding more complexity and challenge to our process. But it’s all for a good reason. We believe so strongly in sustainable business practices that we are willing to make the investment. The positive is that, at the end of the day, our customers often choose us because of these steps.

Microsoft Certification is just one of the ways we make ITAM more sustainable. Click here to see some of the other ways we manage our mission.

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