Network Repair Technician

Reno, NV
Starting at $18 hour

Position Overview

The amount that Sage pays for “individual” and “family” benefits is equal to additional hourly pay of $1.71 and $5.27 respectively.

The Network Repair Technician performs the asset processing, detailed evaluation, upgrade and critical data security functions. This position has the responsibility to bring out the highest value of the products, while also protecting any sensitive data stored on the systems.


Who We Are

Sage Sustainable Electronics leads the market in sustainable IT asset management and disposition (ITAD) by reusing more and recycling less. We serve Global 2000 and mid-market companies with a passion to make IT greener and more rewarding.

Woman-owned and with more than 30 years of experience. Every year, businesses retire millions of used-but-still-useful technology products, creating the fastest growing business and consumer waste stream in the world. We strategically and passionately help companies reuse more and recycle less than anyone else in the industry.


  • Evaluates electronic assets and determines value based on physical and operational condition
  • Performs data security on electronic assets.
  • Configures, upgrades and tests computer hardware and peripherals.
  • Inspects, classifies, diagnoses, evaluates, disassembles and repairs computer hardware.
  • Evaluates and identifies hardware for specific disposition (resell, repair, harvest, recycle, etc.)
  • Upgrades products through the addition of new hardware
  • Adjusts, repairs, and replaces worn or defective parts.
  • Works with Sales to evaluate the feasibility to repair and/or upgrade assets.
  • Enters detailed asset information into the ERP system that is not auto-populated by the data security software.
  • Evaluates inventory on hand to determine if parts are available for upgrade and/or repair. Submits orders for parts from inventory that are needed for upgrades, or submit a request for parts that are not currently in stock.
  • Installs operating system (OS) to computer products per procedure
  • Cross trains in all areas within Operations to ensure site flexibility and contribute to the development and ongoing improvement of the Operations systems and processes.
  • Locate, identify and record various network device manufacturers, types, their model and serial numbers, modules, features and cosmetic condition.
  • Familiar with software like Putty, TeraTerm, TFTPd and how to configure and use them to access network devices.
  • Understand IP addressing and Netmask configurations in order to connect and access GUI features of network devices.
  • Know how to perform password recovery and factory reset on access points, firewalls, routers and switches.
  • Identify and remove configuration files, logs and clear NVRAM, while retaining the OS for normal functionality of the device.
  • Diagnose the functionality of the device, replace failed modular components and test all the ports.
  • Harvest, test, properly handle and package modules, fans and power supplies from failed network devices for resale and repair.
  • Enter all network device information into the EPR system and attach process logs or wipe records.

Required Qualifications

  • Associate’s degree in a technology field, or equivalent experience
  • 2+ years’ experience working with hardware products, preferably in a repair related field
  • Strong computer literacy
  • Results oriented, team oriented, and excellent attention to detail
  • Ability to travel to other sites or customer locations (10% of time)
  • Ability to life 50 lbs. or more, team lift heavier assets, proper pallet building and reconciliation
  • Ability to manage and track multiple assets at one time
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite
  • Diagnostic and troubleshooting ability
  • BIOS configuration
  • Ability to configure, repair and/or upgrade electronic assets
  • Ability to identify and install pc hardware and peripherals
  • Ability to understand and carry out instructions furnished in various forms (written, oral or diagram)
  • Strong written, verbal, and comprehension communication skills

Preferred Qualifications

  • Wide range of technical repair / training
  • Familiarity with asset management / value recovery programs
  • Certifications for technical product lines, networking, computers, mobile telecom
  • Knowledge of Apple and Microsoft applications and operating systems

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