Why Sage and The Arc of Ohio are GoodTogether®


The Arc of Ohio advocates for systems that protect and respect human rights and dignity. Technology has advanced significantly and is now capable of assisting in activities of daily living, communication, and most importantly, providing a means for individuals with disabilities to remain in the community. 

Technology can change the lives of those we serve.
We see the partnership with Sage as a means to provide much needed equipment to further our mission and to allow individuals the opportunity to live, work, and be productive members of society.

Sage and Lumity are GoodTogether
Success Story

Through our network of families and professionals, The Arc was contacted by an organization regarding a young man who was in a homeless shelter with his mother. She was diagnosed with terminal cancer and her son was unable to verbally communicate with her. The Arc was provided him with an iPad, allowing him to communicate with his mother and tell her how much he loved her and to tell her goodbye before she passed.

Donors are supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and allowing them to live and work in their communities. The need for equipment is ongoing as many individuals and their families are below the poverty line.

How to Support

Work with Sage to implement any of the following donation methods.

Donate a Portion of Your IT Sales

Let Sage sell your retired assets on our online store and donate all or a portion of your proceeds to The Arc of Ohio.


Sage will work with you to collect your surplus IT and deliver the goods to The Arc of Ohio, hassle-free!

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Shop for new and refurbished electronics from Sage’s online store and a percentage of your sale is automatically donated to The Arc of Ohio.

Donate to The Arc of Ohio

Shop for The Arc of Ohio

Shop for discount technology— a portion of the proceeds will directly benefit The Arc.


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Jill Vaské

Founder of GoodTogether