Sage and
The Blick Center are GoodTogether®

The Blick Center serves early childhood, school-age and adult individuals with developmental, behavioral, physical and mental health conditions. Their mission is to support families and enable individuals with disabilities and/or mental health challenges to increase independence, to restore previous functioning and to improve the quality of life.

The Blick Center currently provides clinical outpatient, residential and day program services to more than 1500 people each year. Blick Center services improve skills that enhance daily and independent living in areas of health and self-care, socialization, play, work, family life, community life, and leisure. 

Blick clients rely upon donations of equipment that is not deemed “medically necessary” by state and federal agencies. 

This is why Sage and The Blick Center are GoodTogether.

At Sage, we know we can support Blick's mission while fulfilling our own to make the world more sustainable by extending the life of electronics. GoodTogether is the piece that makes this puzzle work.

By matching corporations and businesses who have surplus technology (often after a company-wide upgrade, or downsizing) with schools and organizations with pressing technology needs - like The Blick Center - we make a difference for people and the planet, without breaking anyone’s budget.

Sage and Lumity are GoodTogether

Success Story

Blick Success Story Doug_Sage Sustainable Electronics

Doug is 35 years old with an intellectual disability and some mental health challenges. Early in his life, Doug was removed from his family and placed in a foster home. While with his foster family, Doug was able to participate in community activities including Special Olympics, where he excelled in bowling and won several trophies. Today, Doug lives in a residential home with three other men.

For Christmas, Doug requested an iPad, and with the help of Sage's GoodTogether program the Blick Center provided Doug with a refurbished iPad. In addition, a Blick IT staff member purchased an iTunes card to go with the iPad. Together, these two gifts have transformed Doug’s life. At first, Doug was just excited to look up information and play games, but then he started to take pictures with it. Staff members suggested he capture images of things that are important to him, like his bowling trophies. 

Now Doug creates albums full of the people and things that are important to him: his friends, his staff, his home and his belongings, and proudly shares them with others. For the first time, Doug is now able to share his past and present.

These images are doubly helpful. They act as a calming device, reconnecting Doug to times in his life which were pleasant, and they help new staff get to know him on a more personal level.




Blick Center Goals for 2018


40 iPads (2017 or later models)
for clinicians to deliver, manage, and track their services.

Our greatest electronics need is for iPads. We need 40 newer iPads (2017 or later) for staff to deliver, manage and track their services. Our clinicians use the iPads to provide treatment services to all children and adults we serve, but especially for those on the autism spectrum. These iPads enable us to use apps that have been specifically developed for improving and developing skills in mental health, muscle/motor development, independent living skills, vocational and social skills. 

How to Support

Work with Sage to implement any of the following donation methods.


Let Sage sell your retired assets on our online store and donate all or a portion of your proceeds to The Blick Center.


Sage will work with you to inventory and collect your surplus IT assets - then deliver the goods, hassle-free!


Shop for new and refurbished electronics from Sage’s online store and a percentage of your sale is automatically donated to The Blick Center.

Shop for The Blick Center

Shop for discount technology— a portion of the proceeds will directly benefit The Blick Center.