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Sustainable Future Outdoor Academy was created to give agency to the next generation of sustainability leaders. Our goal is to teach millions of young people across the country about the global environmental crisis & how to lead sustainable lives, so they can influence adults in their family, school & community to do the same. We deliver an impactful outdoor camp experience utilizing educational modules with hands-on activities demonstrating sustainability focused technology and tools within the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sage and SFOA are both fully committed to a vision of sustainability and reducing our impact on the planet, so ours is a natural partnership. Giving donor IT devices a new lease on life, while also educating youth about sustainability is a win-win! With the GoodTogether program, SFOA will receive laptops and other required IT devices for our camps which will help us support our campers and introduce them to tools to use at home. The proceeds of the sales of excess IT devices will help support the SFOA scholarship programs that cover the cost for low income students who cannot afford camp fees to attend SFOA.

Sage and Lumity are GoodTogether

Success Story


In July of 2019, we hosted 50 students from the Sophie’s Scholars Program (SSP) middle school cohort for an unforgettable experience at our camp site in the Santa Cruz Mountains near Silicon Valley. Campers got to see giant redwoods for the first time, helped remove invasive species, designed their own sustainable cities, and much more. Chris Almazan, an SSP student summed up his takeaway from the camp nicely: “What are we doing to this planet?... We need to change how we live, and do simple things that help.” Part of the magic of SFOA is the connection it creates between the camper and natural systems. According to Dewaina Hardee, a chaperone for SSP, “These students come away with much more than a trip in the woods… They see the planet as being theirs, and they want ownership now.” Giving students who do not get to experience the outdoors normally a chance to be in nature, to understand it, and see the balance they must help maintain between us and our planet, is the reason SFOA was started.


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Sustainable Future Outdoor Academy's Goals for 2020

$100,000 fundraising goal, through the sale of donor IT assets
100 laptops for SFOA camp use, directly donated (10 laptops for 1st 10 camps)


The Concept is Simple


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What You Can Expect

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Socially Responsible


Financially Beneficial

Sage facilitates the entire transaction including asset collection, auditing, appraisal, refurbishing and data sanitization. Achieve your social community reinvestment goals by donating your used but  still useful electronics. Sage ensures all data-bearing electronics are sanitized of all data using market
leading erasure tools.
IT asset donations deliver a very high “giving ROI” ratio (4:1 or better) of the donation’s market value to its costs.

Your technology could be the bridge that connects our impactful outdoor camp experience with an ongoing commitment to sustainability at home. Your donation to Sage will be used to introduce campers to the tools and online portals they will use to keep track of sustainable lifestyle changes and connect with other alumni to motivate each other to keep up the good work at home when camp becomes just a memory. SFOA depends on donation programs like these to help support our operational costs, supply camps with needed tech, and to provide scholarships for low-income students.

How to Support

Work with Sage to implement any of the following donation methods.


Let Sage sell your retired assets on our online store and donate all or a portion of your proceeds to SFOA.


Sage will work with you to collect your surplus IT and deliver the goods to SFOA, hassle-free!


Shop for electronics from Sage’s online store and a percentage of your sale is automatically donated to SFOA.

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Shop for discount technology— a portion of the proceeds will directly benefit SFOA.


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Jill Vaské

Founder of GoodTogether



If you're interested in learning more about SFOA or supporting its mission directly by volunteering or making a donation, please contact Scott Harmon via email or phone.

Scott Harmon

Scott Harmon, Founder, SFOA