Business information is the key deliverable of a great asset management program. Sage reporting provides comprehensive, accurate and timely data.


Asset disposition data can be voluminous. Updating asset repositories and turning it all into business intelligence can be a daunting task.

Sage's standard reporting tracks assets through the chain of custody, through daily, weekly or monthly feeds. We're also pleased to provide custom feeds according to customer needs.

Providing data is one thing. But what we do with that data is another, and what distinguishes us from our competitors. Through our Key Stakeholder Report, we translate the numbers into concrete, trackable business results. We show how your IT portfolio can positively influence all corners of your business.

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Data-driven business results

"A good program means nothing without good reporting. Our customers derive the greatest value from the depth and breadth of the data we offer - and the way we bring that data to life." —Carrie, Sage Sr. Director of Enterprise Solutions
Key Features

Standard Reporting

  • Asset condition and disposition
  • Security
  • Environmental

Data Feeds

  • Standard feeds available for FTP
  • API access for asset management integration, including ServiceNow

Key Stakeholder Reporting

  • Intersectional data and analysis, drawing stakeholder areas from across the enterprise, including finance, IT operations, asset management, environmental, CSR, finance, and security.
How we do it better
Too often, IT asset programs are siloed from business outcomes. Sage reporting bucks this trend. Our data is rigorous. Our analysis is strong. Let us show you how we can leverage data into value.
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