GoodTogether® has allowed us to deepen our commitment to our constituents, while providing a simple and affordable option to our donors. This is what innovation looks like.” 

-- Illinois Technology Foundation




Nearly every nonprofit or charitable organization faces budget challenges. Meanwhile, corporations retire millions of used IT devices each year – devices that have enormous value.

GoodTogether® bridges this gap: using Sage’s industry-leading refurbishing capabilities, we leverage valuable surplus technology for good in our global and local communities. And we want to do it for you.


How it works…

Option 1: Technology Donation Sage refurbishes donors’ used devices, and delivers like-new technology to your organization. You may use them internally or distribute them to individuals who need them.

Option 2: Cash DonationSage refurbishes donors’ used devices and remarkets them; Sage then delivers the proceeds, minus refurbishing and processing costs, to your organization.

Option 3: Referral Program Your organization refers customers to the Sage e-commerce site and receives a commission on every sale.

All three options are scalable and can be combined to meet each organization’s specific goals. 

Becoming a GoodTogether® nonprofit Affiliate is easy!

Please contact Jill Vaské, Founder of of GoodTogether®, to learn more.