Brice Bunner

VIZIO joins the sustainable elite with recent e-Stewards certification


NewsNewsNeImage ©: Northrop GrummanWe are thrilled to announce VIZIO's recent e-Steward certification, and to share our appreciation for yet another manufacturer to make the move to this strict standard.

Congratulations, VIZIO on your certification!

This news seems like it’d be a good time to revisit just what is so great about this certification.

The BAN and all its goodness

BAN stands for Basel Action Network, and it's the home for advocacy programs such as the Green Ship Recycling or Electronics Stewardship or (in this case) the e-Stewards certification. Each of these programs seeks to maintain the Basel Convention ruling on exporting waste to countries whose borders are too small to prevent the abuses that come with the international trade industry.

Since the Basel Convention was comprehensive in its scope of materials to restrict, the BAN programs are far more robust than any other certification program in the electronics industry at the time of this post. In fact, the current most popular standardization (R2) is fundamentally flawed in its approach, which is what makes the e-Stewards so superior.

You may have heard of R2 certification, but what you likely don’t realize is its underlying goal. Any standard that holds industry savings over environmental costs is, as Sage’s owner Jill puts it, “giving a passing grade for the wrong assignment.” The e-Stewards standard is developed and maintained by environmentalists to provide more protection for the planet and all living things. A passing grade, then, is what is best for the planet—which is how a sustainability standard should be.  

e-Stewards and Enterprise certification

Partnering with manufacturers and recyclers who hold this standard is a must for any business looking to boost their sustainability—whether for ESG metrics or brand equity or both. Researching and working with manufacturers who hold the e-Stewards certification can be a great procurement strategy. This kind of partnership can lessen the environmental impact that comes with purchasing most IT assets.

And, on the flip side, using an e-Stewards certified recycler will do more for improving your overall sustainability than would going with a recycler with another certification. Not to mention it eliminates the potential for getting involved in an international export crime.

Lest you think that’s just sensationalism, take a look at the headlines. We live in an international age, and e-waste is highly toxic. That makes exporting End-of-Life devices to underdeveloped countries a moral offense you shouldn’t want to be a part of. So, be safe and go with the e-Steward certification—like VIZIO did.