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The numbers add up: donated IT assets offer a future to underprivileged youth


Image ©: Mission TwentyFive35Mission 2535 is an organization looking to “live beyond ourselves and make a difference” for the people in the Dominican Republic. And one of our enterprise clients, who has been on point for donating much needed devices like laptops and iPads when we have an organization or school with a need, recently donated 20 laptops to the work M 2535 is doing in the Dominican Republic.

The main project of the Mission is to create a sustainable farm, recycling factory, and technical/vocational school in the Northern Cibao region, which is known for being economically depressed. The intent for the farm and recycling is that it will provide an ongoing revenue source to support the connected school.

EDUCATION/JOB TRAINING from Rick Romano on Vimeo.

Sage, through the GoodTogether program, was able to retrieve, quarantine, clean, and refurbish the laptops and then easily turn them over to Mission 2535 for their use. This synergy of components is what makes the work that we do here at Sage so exciting. To see how laptops that would normally be shredded or thrown away were turned into devices that bring so much value to the people who receive them; that is the sweet song of sustainability we love to be a part of.47028547_2032021130213018_2464457594563985408_n

These laptops are to be used by the school and the farm as it is being established. The vocational/technical school is set to open on the first Saturday of January--with 60 students already registered! Out of the gates, and with these donated devices, students will be learning computer programming, English, and even how to be an electrician.

But the hope is, once the tech school is fully up-and-running, that each new student would receive their own computer, which they could take with them upon graduating. With a vision like that, we see a growing need for—and way to be sustainable with—dozens of IT assets that have reached their end-of-life for US businesses and corporations.

If you would like to be a part of the work that Sage is doing with donated IT assets in the Dominican Republic, then visit our GoodTogether page for more information.

Click here to learn about Mission 2535 and how they live beyond themselves to make a difference in the DR, and you can watch the brief video (embedded above) they made to celebrate the soon-to-be-opened school by following this link here.