Brice Bunner

SAIC Donates With Ninja Moves to Help CyberJutsu Girls

Thankfully, in a world where young women are pushed into “traditional” roles, there are groups like CyberJutsu who help those young women understand that tech jobs are not just “for the boys.” 

So, when the Women’s Society of CyberJutsu (WSC) extended a request to GoodTogether for a donation, the race against the clock was on. Not only a race against the clock of cultural pressures, but a race to keep up with technology that would normally put any 501(c)3 at a disadvantage.

SAIC Donates With Ninja Moves to Help CyberJutsu Girls_goodtogether_sage sustainable electronics

The tools to teach tech

Teaching girls the ropes through hands-on training, networking, education, mentoring, resource-sharing, and other professional opportunities, means that these girls need computers. And past years' models just don’t cut it when these ladies are confronting some pretty heavy cybersecurity challenges and coding conundrums.

But the CyberJutsu women have a boost to stay in the running: corporate donations. Turning gently-used (or in some cases brand new) IT assets—that would otherwise be destined for landfill—into viable, ready-to-use learning devices is a just the kind of ninja move CyberJutsu students need. And that’s exactly what GoodTogether and corporate sponsor SAIC did.

Science Applications International Corporation, or SAIC, is a forward-thinking technology integrator whose sustainability runs deep. With their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) a primary motivator in how they conduct business, they clearly see the value in equipping the next generation of technology professionals. This adds an even deeper level of “martial arts” to their donation because they’re essentially using their surplus IT assets to help add talent to their future employee base.

Empowering tomorrow’s tech wizards

A total of 30 cutting-edge laptops were donated to The Women’s Society of CyberJutsu just as the news of the Coronavirus hit. These 30 laptops, ready to be used in both the girls’ academy (for middle-school girls to learn basic computer skills) and the women’s academy (for more in-depth studies like coding, forensics, mobile forensics, and professional-development skills), will help hone the skills of the WSC girls to push back on the pressures of society and move into the field of technology.

We love stories of young women getting into technology since the world needs a balanced industry (diversity in the technology industry is critical if we hope to continue to progress as a digital culture). The Women’s Society of CyberJutsu is always looking for the latest tech to help in this mission of equipping young women for tech jobs, and with generous corporate donors like SAIC finding ninja solutions with their surplus IT, they’ll always have the resources to do so.

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