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Sage TechBank Invests in Student Success with Columbus City Schools


Boys using a laptop computer at home_with CCS logo_Sage Sustainable ElectronicsWhen the coronavirus closed Columbus City Schools last March, many students lacked basic technology to continue their studies from home. “We have only been able to supply laptops to about 62% of student households and 62% of students in the district so far,” said Vandhana Veerni, CIO for the Columbus City School District. In many homes, students find themselves competing with siblings for computer time. In Columbus, 13% of households lack a suitable computer for schoolwork altogether according to the Columbus Dispatch.

Sage Sustainable Electronics is launching its TechBank to accept donations of laptops from individuals and businesses in Columbus, transforming them into low cost educational computers for Columbus City Schools students. The Sage TechBank, combined with the generosity of the Columbus community, will work to ensure that every child has a laptop of their own and can complete their education from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Most businesses and many individuals have surplus laptops that they no longer need. These devices may be 4-7 years old, but they have plenty of life left for a student doing schoolwork online. “With a professional refurbisher like Sage safely and efficiently transitioning these devices between original users and our students, we unlock the massive store of idle technology in the Columbus area for the greater good of our community,” said Jill Vaské, president and cofounder of Sage.

At no cost to the donor, donated laptops and tablets will be cleared of all data and software. Each one is then fully tested, refurbished, cleaned, relicensed with Microsoft Windows, and backed by a one-year warranty. As a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher, Sage is authorized to install a new license of Microsoft Windows Pro on each device (or iOS for Apple) for a like-new user experience. Every device is offered for less than half the cost of similar programs. TechBank is available to every Columbus City School student.

“Together, with the help of our community, we can make Columbus a place where every child has the tools to succeed at school and beyond,” said Vaské.

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