Robert Houghton

Sage Renews Its Vows

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Partnering in business depends on shared values.

In life and in business, match making is so important. The business ecosystem is full of partnership choices…suppliers, subcontractors, customers, advisors, industry associations, and also certifications. The choices we make should enhance the chances that we achieve our mission. Many years ago, as the founders of Redemtech, we made a commitment to sustainability and truly responsible recycling by pledging our stewardship under a set of new, rigorous standards called e-Stewards. We believed so strongly in this standard that we became e-Stewards Founders and worked alongside the Basel Action Network to encourage businesses to understand and share these values. 

Now as the founders of Sage Sustainable Electronics, we are proud to renew our deep commitment to these values by announcing that all Sage facilities have been e-Stewards certified. Many companies in our industry spend months or years preparing for their e-Stewards audits, hiring consultants, and often initially receiving a failing grade. Yet our Repurposing Centers passed with only one “minor non-conformity”—the equivalent of a 99.5% score. How?

Simple. The principles of the e-Stewards Standard are embodied in Sage values. We are responsible; we are transparent; we are accountable. We built our business systems and designed our procedures to protect people, planet, and profit in that order. That means our customers’ interests are protected too.

Our mission is “to make the world more sustainable by extending the life of used electronics.” Being a certified e-Steward serves the mission, and coincidentally, our customers are finding that the path to improved sustainability also produces better security and financial returns. Companies that understand this correlation find us a perfect match!

Sustainably Yours,

Jill Vaské and Robert Houghton

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