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Passing Sage advice on to the next generation of empowered women


Image ©: INmagazine Sustainability, by its very nature, is for future generations; an altruistic act toward the environment that those who are investing are often long gone before its benefits are reached. This kind of pay-it-forward also comes to mind when we think of Mentoring Mondays, hosted by Business First. Promote this with #MentoringMonday

Calling all aspiring women entrepreneurs:
register here for Mentoring Mondays!

Sage’s owner, Jill Vaské knows a thing or two about paying it forward, and she will be joining 39 other business women on Monday, February 25th to mentor women who are aspiring to start or lead their own businesses.Image ©: Business First

Mentoring Mondays is an ongoing opportunity for powerful women to help other women achieve their best through shared knowledge and community. The morning events converge on keynote speaker Cheryl Krueger of Cheryl’s Cookies.  

Gathering at the Marriott Columbus University Area, these women will pass wisdom, wit, and wonder to the next generation of women entrepreneurs in, what we hope will be, a terrific event. And, like sustainability, the investment made will be better for everyone.