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Our 2018 Round up of Inspiration


Image ©: visitloudon.orgAs the year finally wanes into the next, we as people often take a moment to reflect on what the previous year has yielded. This is a good exercise, often resulting in new gym memberships, rekindled friendships, and overall do-goodery in the early months of the next calendar. But what we, at Sage, like are those stories that stick with you all year long; the kind that remind you what you’re even in this for.

Classes in the Dominican Republic

We’ll start off the recap reel with a powerful example of end-of-life electronics being put to good use. We talk a lot about how your gadgets have more to give, but here is an actual example of some big donations doing just that.

Mission 2535 is starting a vocational and technical school in South America with the intent to create economic stability and sustainable improvement for their community. We get in to how much they are doing in the DR in our previous news post here. The short story is that 20 laptops were captured from the waste stream and are now prepped for classes to start in January.

Sage keeps a secret about Santa Claus

Linden is a depressed part of Central Ohio that needs something amazing to jump-start its economy. Once the hot-bed of suburban living, the community has fallen on hard times. Thankfully, one of our larger, local clients* wanted to give back to that community specifically with their recent donation, and we think this act of kindness is exactly what that community needs to get back on its feet.

Santa’s sack is heavy with the 100 iPads that the families in Linden will be receiving from GoodTogether and Huntington Bancshares this season. This is part of an extensive support plan that the financial company has committed to providing for the area YMCA. The iPads are just one way Huntington has been reinvesting in that community.

But this gift has even more impact when it comes to schoolwork. Like many of the schools across the country, Linden’s public-school system is moving to digital. Even now, many of the school’s projects and homework require computers to complete. Well, thanks to Santa, and a little help from the GoodTogether program, those families finally have the ability to do much of what many of us take for granted.

The children of those 100 families have much to be thankful for, but there is another fantastic opportunity to be gained from harvesting those iPads for a good cause. When financial businesses donate devices, they are able to apply the value of those refurbished devices to their CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) numbers. 

Even more love for the Linden folks

As if the 100 iPads were not enough reason to celebrate 2018’s giving, another client* of ours also set their sights on the Linden community. In fact, Jill Vaské (Sage’s owner) was able to hand-deliver 50 laptops to the area YMCA just last week because of our corporate clients getting into this giving season! We will unpack that story more in a future post, once we see how the recipients of those laptops have put the technology to use.

The love continues into 2019

We absolutely love being able to sing the praises of our corporate clients who freely give their retired IT assets for good causes. In this time when most businesses are using social media and the internet to promote their charity, seeing these customers be so tight-lipped about the way they do good; it makes us realize the value of what our program can do for their goodness.

But, if they aren’t going to promote it, we will! We know 2019 is going to be another fantastic year for our GoodTogether program because of the fantastic customers we work with. In fact, one of our largest enterprise clients has decided to commit their entire inventory of retired PCs for charitable giving.

This kindness and sustainable action is exactly what gives us hope for the new year during this time of fake news and climate change. It’s the indomitable human spirit seeing a need and meeting it, which gave Bob and Jill the idea to start Sage in the first place, being exemplified by one of our customers.

Our singular passion is to be more sustainable with technology. It has been the driving vision for Bob and Jill when they started their first company, and was the principle reason they started Sage.

Like any business, we like seeing our numbers rise, our profits increase, and our employees empowered, but at the end of the day (or year, in this case) what energizes us to do even more are the stories—like these—of donating end-of-life electronics to communities or organizations in need.

We hope this inspires you to see the upcoming year in a “greener” light, and to do something good together in 2019. Here’s to Happy Holidays and fantastic New Year.



*unfortunately, many of our most generous customers prefer to stay anonymous. In an effort to celebrate them, but also honor their request, we have not specified those clients' charitable acts.