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Donated devices elevate communities and improve metrics


M2535 Students in ClassHere is one of the things we love to brag about: when something we hold as a core value in our company manifests in reality with the same—if not more—benefits as we aim for. I am talking about the digital justice we promote when companies donate End-of-Life (EOL) devices to good causes.

When waste is gold

The grand foolishness of this age (from future generations looking back) will likely be that we have been throwing away precious metals and making waste of devices that hold so much power within them. As a matter of fact, urban mining and even exhuming landfills has become a thing. How much more valuable, then, are the devices that don’t make it that far before being used for another purpose?

This is the core value of what Sage has been built on: that extending the use of electronic devices can bring equanimity and benefit to communities. And nothing shows this more than a recent update from one of the donations we were able to facilitate in 2018.

Don’t praise the messenger

I want to make a point, here. It is easier to write that we made this happen, but the truth of our GoodTogether program is that it connects generous donors who have surplus IT assets with organizations who are in need of electronic devices. Sure, Sage refurbishes; installs a fresh licensed OS; warranties; and repackages to like-new the devices, but the “gold” itself is from philanthropic-minded businesses that Sage does ITAD for.

This delineation is important when you see the benefits received by our GoodTogether partners; it’s all possible because of big-hearted businesses. But what we love about this program is that real community growth happens—and we get to be a part of it!  

All the boats are rising M2535 Women-Focused Enablement

With Mission2535, not only are the donated laptops being put to good use in educating an underdeveloped community, but this school has gained enough support to allow them to start a woman-empowerment program. This kind of “side-effect” is the intrinsic value we see in IT assets.

Technology acts as a catalyst for progress. Computers, laptops, and tablets are not magical, but the people in whose hands they land are. And that brings real justice to a world that has been divided between the haves and have nots ever since the first transistor.

But that isn’t the only way boats rise in this equation. By donating IT assets that would otherwise have been recycled, corporations and businesses can gain Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) or CRA credits for their philanthropy. This is just another way your tech waste is more precious than gold.

If you have IT assets that are destined for the bin, don’t just recycle them! Your gadgets have more to give and Sage can help facilitate the donation of those assets to organizations in your community. Go to www.sagese.com/good-together for more information. And click here to learn more about M2535.