Value Recovery

Repair and refurbishment optimize financial results and sustainability.


Our mission is finding a new home and greater value for every device you send us. So we can’t think like recyclers. Non-working items, missing accessories, and devices with cosmetic damage all degrade the worth of your hardware portfolio. Instead of automatically shredding the misfits, we see the flaws as our opportunity to increase customer value.

Based on objective market data for every device, we calculate when to repair, when to refurbish, even when to harvest parts and recycle. We invest in parts, accessories, software, and labor to improve Reusable Yield whenever the increase in value recovery exceeds the cost of service, producing a greener result for both the earth and your wallet.

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A new device experience, refurbished value

"If Sage sells it, the item is clean, well packaged, and includes all the accessories you need to use it--just like a new one." —Jeff, Sage Director of Product Sales
Key Features

Full Portfolio

  • We refurbish and remarket all hardware platforms, from mobility, to data center, to the desktop.
  • And we don’t ignore the little stuff like accessories and peripherals.

Data Driven

  • Our triage and refurbishing processes are governed by value data from Sage BlueBook, not wasteful, imprecise “cut lines.”

Increase Value

  • Depending on the asset, we might repair, cosmetically restore, upgrade, even add software.  We look for every economical opportunity to increase value.
How We're Different
We resell more and recycle less than anyone.  And our average sales price is higher per merchandise category.  That means better financial results and greater sustainability.
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Sage is proud to be an official
Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher.

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