Data Retention

Sage provides reliable and cost effective digital and physical data retention to address your legal, regulatory requirements.


Companies often need to retire data-bearing assets that are subject to data retention requirements for legal discovery, mergers and acquisitions, and compliance actions.

Sage has integrated data retention capabilities into our operating system for automated and accountable management of the process. Simply identify by serial number the assets subject to data retention. Data-bearing media and assets are systematically identified, removed and securely stored at a Sage Repurposing Center, pending your order for return or sanitization.

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Reliability is the real value

"Operationally, it's tough to know which items to erase, and which to send to legal hold. The Sage system provides the right answer, so our technicians can do the right thing every time." —Tammi, Sage Director of Operations
Key Features

Upload Inventory

  • Upload your list of serial numbers or asset tags for data retention into the Sage Central customer portal for fast, accurate identification of assets.

Secure Storage

  • Data-bearing media (e.g. hard drives) are removed and inventoried by serial number for secure storage. The parent asset is then available for refurbishment and resale or redeployment.
  • Alternately, the entire asset may be retained.


  • Data retention inventory is viewable through Sage Central and may be ordered online by serial number for return or sanitization.
How We're Different
Lifecycle services providers design their asset recovery systems to reliably erase every scrap of confidential data—us too. Only Sage has an integrated logistics, processing, and inventory management system designed to reliably identify assets subject to data retention, and securely recover, inventory, and store them for later disposition.
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