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Would You Streak For Sustainability?


Would You Streak For Sustainability_Sage Sustainable ElectronicsIt’s pretty much impossible to exist on this planet without being a part of what damages it. Every industry takes from the Earth and rarely gives anything back, but one of the most impactful industries (aside from technology) is fashion. So we have essentially two options: go sustainable or go nude.

Wisdom from a Toad

This may seem extreme, but when we look at what we gain with our stuff, is there anything more logical than those options? What Toad&Co is hinting at is exactly what Sage exists for: there has to be a sustainable alternative or we’re all screwed.

In the same way that the textile industry devastates the planet for profit, so too does the tech industry. In striving to sell more devices: virgin material is extracted from the ground (at great cost), marketing sells the disposability of devices, and many recyclers send retired devices overseas to plague those lands. 

All of these factors make technology destructive at every stage of their lifecycle. Placing a heavy environmental burden to make, to use, and to dispose of these modern marvels. So, what’s the solution? Go without?

Believe it or not, being sustainable with your tech isn’t as hard as you might think. The thing about costs is that they can be amortized—or spread over longer periods—to lessen their impact. By reusing and extending the use of your devices, whether through refurbishment, donations, or delayed upgrading, you can be more sustainable with your devices.

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The fact that we’ve been taking the easy route of disposing of devices as soon as a newer version is released has made the sustainable option an imperative. It’s no longer a good choice—it’s the only choice. So, either work with a sustainable electronics company to extend the life of your devices, or “go nude” and don’t buy them in the first place. Because the planet hangs in the balance.

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