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Women Entrepreneurs are Killing It, But Just Not in STEM Industries


Women Entrepreneurs are Killing It, But Just Not in STEM Industries_Sage Sustainable ElectronicsRecent statistics show a promising shift in the US that empowered women are starting to get the recognition they’ve been missing for so many years. This is definitely a point to be lauded after so many decades of inequality, but when you look a little closer there are still some significant hurdles to overcome.

Where did all the techies go?

It’s no secret that the female gender is conspicuously absent from the tech sectors across this country. Silicon Valley is perhaps the greatest example of this with its “bro culture.” But the reasons for this are not as clear. Indicators point to the talent pool as the singular reason for this disparity. And that makes sense since technology requires a very specific skill set.

Going further upstream on this argument, we see that girls in school are only just now starting to see STEM as a field of research worth pursuing. That means in a few more years, there will be plenty of female talent for the tech companies to scout. In the meantime, however, women are too busy struggling against the culture and even themselves in some cases to really break into the tech industry in a big way.

This is something close to our hearts here at Sage as, in being a women-owned company, we put as much into training and building a diverse team as we do in providing an excellent service. We see these two as going hand-in-hand, of course, because of the great people we employ. And empowering great people makes sense across any business.

One way we look outside Sage to help change the diversity conversation is to build back into local LMI communities. Technology is a powerful equalizer since a computer doesn’t discriminate. By donating retired IT Assets from businesses who are looking to be sustainable with their retired devices, we can offer communities without access a real boost.

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If you have IT assets that need to be retired and you’ve been looking for a sustainable way to do so, consider donating that technology to organizations and communities in need. We have dozens of success stories to show how easy and powerful this action can be. Check out our GoodTogether program for more information.


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