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With Business Finances, Sustainability is More Than Just A Good Idea


With Business Finances, Sustainability is More Than Just A Good Idea_Finance_Sage Sustainable ElectronicsIf you’re not familiar with how effective sustainable ITAD (IT Asset Disposition) is for boosting a business’s metrics, then you might not be doing it right. And with the latest numbers around environmental costs climbing past the $Trillion mark, it seems more than 200 of the largest companies in the world are just missing opportunities. Since no one can say what this climate crisis will actually cost us—but that it’s going to be expensive—sustainability is about finance now more than ever.

Doing double duty

We’ve posted in the past about how sustainability and efficiency are two words for the same outcome. And with that in mind, plus the escalating costs of climate change, it’s important to see how being environmentally conscious can also have positive fiscal ramifications. Turns out there might be something to that triple bottom line after all...

Now, while shooting for sustainability is admirable, without a proper strategy, you won’t get very far. That’s because “eco-friendly” just isn’t how we naturally operate, so very action will tend toward wastefulness. With this in mind, pursuing how you do business—especially with regards to the electronic devices you use—requires a multi-faceted approach.

Recycling older devices or purchasing carbon credits isn’t going to offset the unsustainable actions of a typical business that continue to push that $Trillion higher. Paying this back incrementally will be a hard pill to swallow, but putting that money in sustainable ITAD at least gives you something to show for it. And, when done right, could actually put a little money back in your pockets at the same time.

Making your finances sustainable is always a triple-bottom-line conversation. It’s been renamed ESG for modern business, but the idea is the same: planet, people, profits—in that order. But there is one caveat to a sustainable strategy with your ITAD: use Sage. We can’t speak for other ITAD providers’ pursuit of sustainability, but here we make every effort to do more with your electronic devices. If your ITAD provider is simply shredding your devices, then you’ve actually lost value while adding to the problem. We can help reduce your waste while putting value back on your business all with a sustainable strategy. Check out our process page:

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