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What will scare you the most this Halloween?


What will scare you the most this Halloween?_Sage Sustainable ElectronicsThis time of year is always tough for me and my kids. You see, our house would be perfectly happy to never hear or see anything about zombies. So, when driving, trick-or-treating, or shopping, we are all shocked at the horrors we have to face throughout October. But, despite seeing things that remind me of all those scary shows I watched as a kid, what really keeps me up at night these days is far more terrifying.  

There is no plan(et) B

My favorite thing about writing for Sage is that, in the face of the climate crisis, the environmental horrors, and the terrifying prospect of a world ripped of its resources, I have daily evidence that I am a part of something critical to changing that nightmare.

As I write about being sustainable with electronics, I see a future where the value of things is as it should be: devices are used for the length of time that justifies the expense to make them; communities have access to the technology they need without expense; and e-waste is nothing more than a bad memory from a time before we knew how to be sustainable.

Why electronics? Technology is a critical piece to the sustainable puzzle since it uses so much to make it and leaves such a stain when disposed of. Between the conflicted creation and the toxic trashing, there is an infinite amount of potential packed in each microchip. Learning to be sustainable in the sourcing, use, reuse, and disposition of these little wonders is absolutely the only way to take the terror out of technology.

Choose to reuse more than recycle, partner with sustainable companies, and extend the life of your electronic devices. Do these things and, together, we can get back to a Halloween where Jack-O-Lanterns and spider webs are the scariest thing we face.

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