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What Logistics Can Do for IT Asset Management


What Logistics Can Do for IT Asset Management_Sage Sustainablle ElectronicsWhen you think of IT Asset Management (ITAM), you probably think about tracking retired computers and sourcing new peripherals. But when you’re looking to outsource the management of your assets, logistics is one of those variables that might be worth looking into.

This is part three of our multi-parter in which we explore the ins and outs of ITAM and responsible ITAD. You can check out our other posts here and here to gain more perspective over your IT assets.

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Logistics with regards to IT assets is like the glue that holds a good management program together. Having and sourcing new assets is only half the battle. Sometimes you have to move those beige boxes, too. 

Transporting electronics, whether they be retired assets or new, is often an afterthought. The problem with this kind of thinking is that it forgets the ease with which devices can be misplaced or mixed up. Though a network is centralized, each device has its own story to tell.

And, when the devices are turned off or decommissioned, all that latent data is trapped behind a black screen. You wouldn’t want to turn every device back on just to find that one file you needed, would you? Especially in larger companies where the devices are plentiful, a numbering system can save a lot of unnecessary headaches.

Serial-number tagging keeps each device in the mix unique

When we arrive onsite to retrieve assets for management, the first thing we do is scan the unique serial number of every piece of IT. These numbers are trackable not only by our internal team, but also by our customers through an online portal.

Upon arriving on our docks, the number is double-checked against the roster from the customer’s location. This two-tier auditing system eliminates any dropped pieces through transit. Our customers often get starry-eyed and mention “peace of mind” when talking about this protocol.

Tagged assets are easy to set apart

Along with peace-of-mind, tracking the assets allows us to quarantine sensitive data at any time those assets need to be detained (you can read about quarantining and legal holds in this post, if you need a refresher). Having this ability can allow your internal team to stay internal and not have to waste their time on chasing down the right device for holding.

This ability to pull devices so specifically has benefits in other areas as well. For instance, when you want to add devices to our Employee Purchase Program, we can often reconnect specific devices to their original users.

Another benefit comes with redeployment. For the same reason as the employee purchase programs, redeployment is made easier because those devices often have data particular to certain departments or management levels within a company. That means, getting the right device to the right personnel can help reduce hiccups that might hinder success of the redeployment.

With our proven logistics protocols, we have been able to process hundreds of devices at a time. And within moments, each device is accounted for and accessible by our customers. Combine that with our legal-hold operations and employee purchase program, and logistics can turn your ITAM into a stress-free way to secure the investment your company has made. Click here to learn more about our processes.

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