Jill Vaske

Warning: “You Are Not Authorized.”


Image ©: sosyalbilimlerOn October 20th, I felt a big, cold hand cover my mouth. It was Mark’s.  

I was trying to share a study about gender equality in this country, and how difficult it is for women growing up in more sexist states to earn equal pay, even if they move to less sexist states. Accepting less becomes their norm. 

Mark’s dark message to me read “Denied. You are not authorized to discuss politics or issues of national importance.” Facebook Police now need no less than my passport (yes!), my driver’s license and my residential address to process my right to promote a gender equality blog post on Facebook. 

I’m shocked to the core that something as non-controversial as promoting gender equality is even on the list to be censored. And I’m shocked that, as a business with 1st amendment rights to free speech, Sage Sustainable Electronics is being silenced on an issue we care deeply about. 

I understand, on some level, that this is the move of complicated A.I. algorithms and screening software that has been tweaked in light of current affairs. A few bad actors have forced this platform to become a police state that spreads an indiscriminate blanket of censorship. The reality is, thoughtful Americans with fair and meaningful commentary are getting censored. YOU just don’t know it’s happening.

Facebook is not censoring a post with hate or politics or slander. I remind you that the article was imploring us as a community to teach our children that women are just as capable and deserving as men to earn a decent wage, wherever they live. If this is censorable material, while figureheads are getting away with hate tweets, then we truly are no longer a democratic society. Let’s not go there.    

I hope you’ll read the post and share it for me.  


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