Barbara Scott

Big Data with Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity, and Value


What do Big Data and the Sage BlueBook have in common?  The BlueBook is Big Data.


Big data is just like big hair in Texas, it is voluminous.  That is the nature of the data itself, that there is a lot of it.  The amount of data in and of itself does not make the data useful.  There are many factors when considering how to collect, store, retreive and update the data sets making up the big data.  The Sage Blue Book delivers a user interface that is pleasing and understandable to both the average user and the technical expert.  This ease of use provides accessibility like never before when it comes to understanding the true fair market value of your used technology.


When you are dealing with so much data, the speed in which it can be accessed and present the expected and required results is crucial.  No one has time for watching the hour glass flip in this day and age of high performance, always on technology.  The Sage Blue Book is continuously monitored and tuned for performance to insure a satisfactory experience for the end user.


The data sets making up your big data must be made up of the right variety of data elements.  Good big data helps you make informed and educated decisions.  With the many configurations of technology and each configuration being assessed a different value, it's crucial to make an assessment about the product based on its specific configuration.  In order to support these complicated value assessments this variety is captured into the big data called the Sage Blue Book and continues to grow daily.  At the time of this writing there were 11 million models across 9,000 manufacturers and over 17 million value points accessible using the Sage Bluebook technology.


A lot of data and a big variety of data with fast access are not enough.  The data must have quality and produce credible results that enable right action when it comes to end of life decision making. The veracity required to produce these results are built into the operational practices that keep the Sage Blue Book engine running.  The checks and balances, multiple sources and complicated algorithms keep the gears turning.


The most important element of the big data we call the Sage Blue Book is value.  Value that includes a large volume and variety of data that is easy to access and delivers quality analytics that enables informed decisions.  Providing a fair market valuation on used technology - one piece or an entire portfolio at a time.  Want to know how our big data can work for you?  Contact us for a demo today.

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