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trust comes from trusting

Seth Godin, marketing and business guru, blogged recently about the tyranny of rules that grows as companies become large and bureaucratic. But it’s not the size of the business that causes bureaucracy to metastasize; it’s a lack of trust. 

When people care about the customer, their colleagues, and the business itself, they will want to be accountable for results. George Marshall said “the only way to make a person trustworthy is to trust them.” Of course, well-defined processes, training, and discipline are all necessary tools for execution. But combine those tools with the intelligence and good-will—of even brand-new employees—and the trust of management, and great things will happen.

That’s why we created the Sage Credo* before we hired even a single employee. It’s our code for good work. Our policies are simple:

  • Use good judgement.
  • Act with integrity.
  • Keep your promises (or make it right in advance).
  • Respect everyone.
  • Serve the greater good:
    • Team > Self
    • Company > Team
    • Customer > Company
    • Mission > Customer

*scroll down at the link to click through the points of our credo
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