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This is why thinking sustainably about ITAD will make businesses better


The long-term view of business is betterIt’s a common mistake for Western thinkers to believe that actions are isolated. So, when smart people reject climate change, the base idea is often founded on the assumption that it won’t negatively affect our economy. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. No matter how angrily it’s otherwise stated, our actions have lasting effects on more than just environmental factors.   

So, is it environmental or financial?

In the attempt to wrap the “collective consciousness” around climate change, people often silo the factors—making it an either/or conversation. The problem with this is that anything environmental is so interconnected to our existence that those arguments are short-sighted.

When we don’t take steps to benefit the environment, it is necessarily at a financial loss in the long run. Since the planet moves in geological shifts, many of those costs we think we’re outrunning won’t come back to bite us for generations. But we are finding out that that axiom no longer holds true.

With things like plastic and electronic devices—which take a toll on the planet twice—the geologic shift is happening within our lifetimes; the reckoning is upon us.

This short-sightedness is a common problem that businesses fall into. In the scramble to make ends meet year over year, the bigger picture gets blurry and the environment gets the bill. But, as you likely already know (in principle), any short-term gains will eventually lead to long-term fails—especially with regards to environmental areas.

IT can be your downfall

This same shortsighted thinking often affects how businesses approach their End-of-Life (EOL) IT assets. The irony is, however, that IT has arguably the highest environmental impact of any business process (with corporate business, at least). Remember: electronic devices take a toll twice on the planet.

What does this look like? Well, many companies go with the cheapest option for their IT Asset Disposition (ITAD). But cheap ITAD services deal with devices in environmentally damaging ways because it is simply too expensive to recycle responsibly.

The real costs that come from choosing a cheap ITAD option may not be readily apparent since they are environmental in nature, but things like data security and lost revenue from asset values might be close enough to make you think twice.   

When you factor in things like reusable yield, ESG credit for donating devices, and saving the environment from unnecessary damage, thinking sustainably is no longer just an environmental philosophy—it’s an economic necessity. And playing off the long-term part of environmental factors, the financial impact that comes from sustainability has ongoing potential specifically because it is long reaching.

So do your business a favor and consider going with an ITAD partner that has long-term goals in mind. Not only will this help your business avoid big fines and huge losses over time, but it will also significantly reduce the damage your company does to the environment.

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