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This Girl Proves That You Have the Power To Bring Positive Change Within You


She's got all the green moves Never underestimate the power of caring. It’s one distinctly human characteristic that is irreplaceable. And in the current climate of division and unrest in our country, it’s even more valuable than ever before. At least, that’s what I think when I read about this teenager who decided swimming in the river behind her house was more important than sitting back and watching her planet literally sink into the toilet. All she had was social media and a vision for a better situation.

The ubiquitous access to compassion

What Stella Bowles did, when faced with the river in her back yard being so contaminated with raw sewage that she couldn't swim or fish in it, was to let people know about it. A simple overture that, when softened by the winning smile of a smart young lady, had massive impact. With little more than a water sample, warning sign, and Facebook account, Stella started a movement.  

Caring is not something that can be created through an algorithm. But, remarkably, it is available to everyone on the planet—for free. When caring is put in the same terms as the rest of the things we talk about in this blog (like circular economics or sustainable ITAD programs), it shows the power that caring, combined with little choices, has on our situation.

Sage was founded on the principle that little things done by caring people over time will be the singular action that will save our planet. Reuse of IT assets seems insignificant in a vacuum—what can passing-down a tablet do for anybody?—but when done across hundreds of businesses and thousands of iPads, the reality is world-changing.

Where do we start?

We don’t have to solve global warming or ocean plastics in broad strokes; the incremental value of small choices across billions of people will make even greater things happen. Stella Bowles demonstrated that she could make a significant impact with tiny moves. I don’t know about you, but I can make tiny moves far more easily than I can make big changes.

Caring is, indeed, a universally accessible trait. And, in the same way, so are the choices you and I make every day. Choices like using reusable bags for shopping, or bringing your own mug to Starbucks, or extending the life of your electronic devices—these are the simple things that make the biggest impact. And, when it comes to access, consider how these are all things that even so-called “climate-change deniers” would be willing to do.

Stella’s example is only one of so many that are growing across the news landscape. In fact, when it comes down to who’s really making these tiny choices, it’s the youth of our world. So, clearly, they know how powerful our decisions can be on the greater whole.

Hero Image ©: CBC Canada via Facebook

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