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Three choices to make back-to-school a sustainable event this year


Back to School can be a susainable eventWith four kids, I understand as well as anyone how unsustainable back-to-school shopping can be. Whether for yourself, a youngster, or because you want to get a good deal, making your shopping choices this year with a sustainable mindset will help you keep the green while, well, keeping things green.

  1. Invest in the best: when it comes to thinking sustainably, many times looking for a product that will last is the best way to be eco-friendly going forward. So, spring for the best reusable water bottle you can find, and it can last you the rest of your school year. This goes for more than just bottles, too: consider top-notch lunch bags or the best binders since they will each offset a plethora of “lower-grade” purchases.
  2. Buy used equipment: this is especially ideal when it comes to electronic devices because the devices we procure come from corporate companies. Which means, if you shop on the Sage site, you’ll find professional-grade items that have been expertly cleaned and repackaged; given a new software license; and protected with a 1-year, no-questions-asked warranty. Now you can have the highest-quality devices at a fraction the cost of a new one, all while saving those devices from the landfill.
  3. Choose sustainable partners: we live in a time when finding the right supplies can be as simple as pressing a few buttons. Make the most of this technology by taking the time to gather items which are: sustainable in themselves (like reusable water bottles), made from sustainable resources (like with upcycled items), or that come from sustainable companies (like the Sage shop). These partnerships allow you to score great products while keeping a clear conscience.

This year, when you go back to school, make a statement about sustainability. Choose to invest, reuse, and to partner with the items and manufacturers who make the most sense, environmentally. There are plenty of amazing sustainable companies filling the niche of environmentally friendly products—companies like Patagonia, Adidas, UniLever, Terracycle—to choose from. And, of course, reuse is always a good solution that anyone can do.   

Not only do these three choices help our planet, but the alternatives you’ll find can often be the better financial option, too. So, go green this fall; let everyone know where you stand for the environment and, who knows, maybe they will choose the sustainable path as well.

Image ©: NC Green Power

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