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There’s one model that gets overlooked with IT asset procurement


Image ©: BetaNewsDepending on whom you ask, procuring IT Assets for your company should be done one of two ways: purchase or lease. And each has their own sets of pros and cons. However, there is another—often overlooked—option that could be the better procurement method. Purchasing used equipment from a reputable ITAM company offers some great benefits that businesses are just now beginning to realize. But finding the right ITAM partner is critical to making used equipment a reliable option.

The problem with growing

Businesses and corporations are often ruled by growth. The pursuit of better numbers next year, more sales, and acquiring smaller businesses all feed the insatiable beast of progress. And this often means your business is growing too fast to maintain a comprehensive ITAM program in-house. So, when it comes to sourcing new IT assets, the easiest answer of buying new is often the one that wins.

Your IT department frankly doesn’t have the time to look for vetted used equipment—no matter how good a deal it may be. And to find enough equipment to support the office might be another roadblock to purchasing used IT for your business. This may seem hopeless, but the good news is that you aren’t the biggest fish in the sea.

Leveling up for less

Chances are, if you’re reading this blog, your business is not as big as GE, Walmart, or Apple. And even if yours is, there are still departments in your company that can be parceled out to more manageable chunks. The reason this matters is because there are plenty of companies out there who offload thousands of electronic devices at a time when they upgrade. And with all those perfectly viable devices, your departments—or even your entire company—could be completely upgraded with used equipment.

Ok, so that handles the concern of getting enough equipment to supply your business’s IT needs. But what about the reliability of those devices? Well, the truth is, most companies don’t drive their devices into the ground anymore. There was a time, perhaps, when that old dot-matrix printer was pushed to exhaustion before you’d shell out for a new one. But those days are long gone.

Consider your own company. When was the last time you had to get rid of a laptop or computer because it simply got too old? It is more likely that it reached its end-of-life because of software or technology changes. For this very reason, there is a wealth of high-quality electronic devices—which still have a solid three to six years of viable use in them—that are being retired every day by large corporations.

In fact, the move many Fortune 500’s are making toward thin clients has been changing the used electronics landscape for the better. Many of those devices have hardly been out of the box long enough to get dust on them—now that thin clients are all the rage. And when those businesses leave this value on the table, you’ve got the potential to upgrade your suite for far less than they did.

The right partner makes all the difference

As technology continues to shrink our world, businesses have been responding by narrowing the focus of what they do. Instead of trying to tackle all their problems alone, they are collaborating with vendors and finding partners who can help carry the load. The key to this working, however, comes from the driving value of your partner coinciding with your own intent.

At Sage, for instance, we value sustainability (it’s even in our company name), which means we grow, innovate, and operate aligned to that goal. How that plays out for our clients is that we have Microsoft certification for refurbishing devices, we’ve innovated software like the Sage Bluebook for finding the value of used devices, and we operate with e-Steward compliance to keep as much of the devices we service out of the waste stream as possible.  

By partnering with a sustainable ITAM vendor, you should be able to find used equipment that has been verified and updated without needing to dumpster dive. And, at the end of the day, the money you save from being able to upgrade with used equipment—combined with the load it takes off your IT department—the right ITAM partnership more than compensates for your ITAM costs.

So, if you are hoping to upgrade your IT equipment anytime soon, don’t do it alone! Instead, look at partnering with a sustainable ITAM company like Sage to help. And if you do find devices that maybe you’re unsure the value of, check out our BlueBook. It can take the guesswork out of buying used.


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