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There’s a bomb in your pocket, and ITAM is critical for diffusing it


Battery threat compromises recycling Got a license for that weapon you carry? You know, the one you surf the web on and take selfies with. Yeah, your smartphone is a weapon—and not just for social media activists. How? Well, it has to do with the batteries. Lithium-ion batteries are actually extremely volatile when damaged—which is what typically happens when you attempt to recycle most phones and tablets. But with a sustainable ITAM or ITAD program, your odds of spontaneous combustion are significantly reduced.

Top 5 ways ITAM helps reduce danger:

Don’t recycle. Reuse and refurbishment are great ways to avoid battery combustion common to recycling. Not only is this safer than recycling, but it’s the only way to recoup some of the cost to purchase new IT equipment.

Go with e-Stewards. The right certification can do wonders for your safety. e-Stewards certified recyclers are required to test batteries for usefulness and functionality before they are disposed of. This extra step keeps good batteries from doing bad things. 

Prevent mishaps. A pound of prevention… by keeping devices properly maintained and up-to-date, you can avoid many of the issues that toxic materials create when poorly managed. The majority of your devices contain highly toxic elements that can cause problems if let out.G73OLX32QFFPHG53JRBTPPU24Q

Purchase wisely. Similar to preventing problems, sourcing the right IT assets can help reduce your exposure to danger. This is because high-quality devices can be used longer and withstand mishandling to a small degree. Of course, this doesn’t mean you can drive over your Macbook with a forklift, but some of the smaller dings and drops won’t be as detrimental.

Choose sustainability. With almost any IT choice you can make, going the sustainable route of extending its use, buying refurbished where possible, and recycling responsibly will keep you out of trouble.


Nothing is more effective at avoiding problems than a tightly maintained IT Asset Management program. But with larger corporations, this can become overwhelmed with policies and paperwork. Partnering with vendors who share your sustainable vision for these devices will make managing them far easier than the alternative.

To learn more about how we handle IT assets sustainably—and sidestep danger—give us a call or read about our multi-step process here.

Choosing sustainability is smart for every aspect of your business, but we’ve found that being green with electronic devices triples your overall environmental responsibility.

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