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The Giving ROI of an ITAD Donation


The Giving ROI of an ITAD Donation_Philanthropy_Sage Sustainable ElectronicsWhenever the year turns toward closing, many businesses look to what they can do for end-of-year giving. However, whether for tax reasons, the spirit of the season, or because it aligns with your philanthropic campaign, giving without any return is not a sustainable event. There needs to be some return value (what Gartner now calls “VOI”). And being able to give something that’s “even better” makes donors feel more empowered to do it again the next year. That’s why donating electronic devices can be an exciting and powerful way of helping your community.

The tangible “feels” of giving

Year-end giving can often have some unforeseen disappointments. Mostly because so many larger businesses don't get to see the end-result of their donations. Even though the accepting organization might be able to increase their impact on the community, update their facilities, or even build that new center they’ve been campaigning for, the intimacy of the donor business’s involvement can get lost in the trail of paperwork.

We've all been there: giving a check without being able to see the changed lives that result from that donation can quickly degrade any donation to just a numbers game. We all benefit when we observe the ramifications of our altruism, so why shouldn't businesses be able to do the same?

Being matchmaker has its rewards

Every growing company has electronic devices in their facility that are gathering dust—and most will continue to add to that pile as they upgrade. And every organization doing good work in this world is in need of technology to assist them in that good. On one side, there is a company trying to work around a sustainable giving cache, while on the other side, there is a constant need. And our philanthropic program, GoodTogether, is intent on matching these two groups in the most seamless and mutually-beneficial way.

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When your business provides electronic devices to organizations and schools who need them, you gain a front-row seat on the value your donation is providing. A tangible and powerful result of your giving that makes the rewards it brings to your own business that much sweeter. And, thankfully, with our program, we’ve been able to quantify the financials around giving to prove it.

The other aspect that donating electronic devices brings to businesses is that employees are drawn into the story. We’ve already established that donating without return will burn out or disenfranchise the givers. But by donating IT devices—and seeing what they can do for the recipients—employees can be more engaged. In fact, with some of our donation opportunities, specific employees of our donor companies have been able to hand-select their preferred charity or organization.

It’s this micro-tailoring of donor to recipient, which can only be done with something as specific as a laptop or tablet, that makes giving IT assets such a powerful donation option. The potential for these devices to revolutionize or multiply the donation’s value is really what makes giving these assets so powerful. Money can do a lot, but it is limited in how far it reaches, whereas electronic devices augment the potential talent or energy of its user, empowering the recipient in even more amazing ways than cold-hard cash.

‘Tis the season to be sustainable

Not only does donating electronic devices empower the end user, engage the employee, and return solid business benefits to the donors; it is also the most sustainable way to give. Electronic devices are e-waste when they reach their end-of-life. This means, regardless of the device’s actual value, once they hit the landfill or recycler, they become a toxic nightmare.

Avoiding this inevitability by extending the life of your devices allows you to add sustainability to your list of returns you received from that asset. In other words, not only did you use that asset to grow your own company, but by donating it you gain sustainability, or “green” points for your business. It eliminates that device or those devices (in the case of larger donations) from reaching the recycler prematurely.

This sustainability marker goes to your company’s ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) status, or your Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) numbers. Those tangible ramifications that can’t be ignored are unpacked in our most recent white paper on CRA and IT Assets, which you can download here:

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All of these factors combined makes donating IT assets that have reached their end-of-life for your business the best way to give in the giving season.


To learn more about how we handle donations—so that your data remains safe, your assets reach their highest refurbished value, and the paperwork for documenting all that is nicely packaged—go to our processes page. To learn more about how our GoodTogether program matches donors with organizations and communities in need, check out our special programs page. And, when it comes to end-of-year giving, don’t overlook the closet full of assets you’ve been thinking about recycling.

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