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The 12 trends of technology my true love gave to me…


Image ©: Mashable Our countdown to Christmas is coming to a close soon so we thought we’d sing you a little song about all the things we think are great about recent technological innovations.

  1. A circular economy – hands down the best answer to achieving sustainability. A circular economy can stop conflict material harvesting, e-waste, and greenhouse emissions in one go.
  2. Terrific drones – Drones that fight fire, plant trees, and bring aid are at the top of our list for something worth creating. If this is what innovation gives us, then bring it on!
  3. Bottom lines – people, planet, and profits all at once; this kind of outlook makes a business operate more efficiently and sustainably—exactly how things ought to be.
  4. Wearables – iWatches and Fitbits: wearables are becoming commonplace, which can only mean new innovations are around the corner. We look forward to what wearables 2018 will bring.
  5. IoTs – everything connected is both terrifying and awe-inspiring. The potential for good far outweighs any negatives, so we hope to see even more innovative IoT products next year.
  6. e-Steward recyclers – the only true third-party rating system for e-waste recyclers, e-Steward certification is a must-have for any ITAD program.
  7. Ocean plastics products – packaging, bottles, and even shoes, using ocean plastics as root stock for new products is brilliant. We hope more manufacturers will see this trend and follow it.
  8. Solar paint – products that use photovoltaics like solar roadways, solar roof tiles, and now, solar paint are not only smart, they are necessary to help fight global warming.
  9. Tech donations – Between DexYP, NetJets, and SRJC our GoodTogether program has been providing your surplus electronics to those who need it most.
  10. Hoverbikes soaring – this doesn’t really need an explanation, does it? After all, we’re talking about hoverbikes
  11. Bluebook ratings – any program that shows you what your retired technology could be worth is a great resource and worth looking into. Sage Bluebook is the most accurate evaluation tool available.
  12. FairPhones calling – smartphones that can be repaired, upgraded, and are made from recycled resources is nothing short of a Christmas miracle.

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