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The next wave of technology is moving toward intuitive A.I.


Image ©: Ars TechnicaIntuition is one of those elusive features of the human mind that scientists haven’t been able to crack, technologically speaking. There are so many factors we humans perceive, that creating a computer to pick up on them has proven to be problematic.

However, when thousands of users willingly give over their every thought, desire, and interest, algorithms inevitably pick up on the patterns that arise. And, while you might think Facebook is innocuous, it has become a treasure trove of data for coders to feed into their algorithms.

ChatBots and the web of the future

Watching trends in technology roll out is a bit like watching lemmings dive into the drink one after the other. As soon as an app has even a twinge if interest, it seems as if every brand jumps on board to develop their own version.

And since every brand out there is vying for ad space, they all want to make their messages more compelling to consumers. Because of recent technological developments, these factors have coalesced into the Chatbot phenomenon.

By bringing machine learning (A.I.’s ability to recognize and follow patterns in behavior) to the apps smartphone users tap into every day, helpful suggestions, intuitive answers, and customized experiences have become more and more the norm.

Some kinks are still being worked out, however

As would be expected with anything automated, the experiences we called customizable don’t always measure up to what one would expect. In fact, we recently saw some A.I. intuition go horribly wrong with the Chatbot Tay, as she tried to speak “Millennial.” The result was borderline propaganda.

But what this display shows is that A.I. is still miles away from being able to correctly—and naturally—navigate human idioms and idiosyncrasies while safely sidestepping idiots. They say a little yeast leavens the dough, so too, apparently, a little unchecked hatred can undermine a Chatbot’s algorithms.

Still, despite the glaring missteps by some of the most advanced A.I.s, there are benefits to be had in going toward a technologically-intuitive future. Not the least of which being the ability to switch apps hands-free. "Alexa, launch Pandora."


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