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Take the red pill and get speed learning via implants


image ©: Warner Bros. We’ve got yet another “totally freaking cool” post, but this one gets internal… and perhaps a little creepy.

Studies are being done to uncover how to “jack” into our brains for accelerated learning. Starting with something scientists like to call “decoded neurofeedback”, the learning portion of this study actually hopes to push beyond merely intuitive reaction to new knowledge acquisition.

Most of the breakthroughs in decoded neurofeedback (a scientific term with one of the coolest abbreviations: DecNef) have been aimed at helping PTSD patients overcome their fear. The process involves some time spent in an fMRI machine (as if that weren’t scary enough) while thinking about scary things. The mapping from the imaging is then plugged in to related A.I. algorithms to “reverse engineer” the fear triggers.

With the right sensors and wearable technology, the vision is to have the ability to sidestep those 10,000 hours and “switch on” that virtuoso you’ve always wanted to be. Can’t be anything wrong with that, right?

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