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Sustainable collection event: boost employee engagement, save the environment


IMG_7516We handle electronic collection events throughout the year for those of our clients looking to engage their employees in sustainability. And we always have a good time. But when we partnered with State Auto last September, our good time was punctuated by the collection's results. You can catch a glimpse of what we mean in the infographic below.

An event worth its weight


State Auto’s internal sustainability committee (appropriately named “Going Green”) was enthusiastic and at-the-ready to assist Sage with launching the inaugural State Auto Employee Collection Event last September. Many employees participated in the event, dropping off technology devices they no longer had a use for.

Once everything was collected, registered and weighed, the State Auto employees helped keep over 1,500 pounds of toxic waste from entering the landfill!

It was just as facilities director, Art Hersey, said: “State Auto’s inaugural event to recycle electronic devices was highly successful by any measure.” And measuring these kind of events can often be discouraging when the collecting partner isn't clear on what they will do with the devices--or worse, they are clear about not handling them sustainably.

To ensure these devices were handled sustainably, we audited the collection, erased all the data from every device collected, and either refurbished them for reuse, or recycled them responsibly. This is the biggest reason we give to our clients as to why they should hold events with Sage; we know the results will be completely sustainable all the way through.

Sustainability builds brands

State Auto is not only a great partner when it comes to collection events, but the internal sustainability committee now has solid numbers to show for their efforts. And more than just collecting the devices, the fact that they are being processed with an e-Steward certified ITAD company like Sage, State Auto can take credit for using a globally responsible standard for handling their e-waste. And being able to say that 1,585.5 pounds of material from State Auto employees was recycled domestically, in the most ethical and safe way, also adds considerable value to their ESG (environmental, social, & governance) numbers.

But those aren’t the only numbers worth celebrating. Because of the kind of devices collected, and the way the collected is being handled, State Auto has helped reduce solid waste by over 1,000 kilograms while reducing damaging emissions by almost 20,000 kilograms. Had State Auto not used a responsible, sustainably-minded partner, there would have been no brand value to reporting the results.

Sustainable and secure collecting

If you’ve attempted a collection event in the past, but were met with lackluster results, your plans for those devices might be to blame. One of the things we see in every collection event we help with is that employees who participate—and even some who don’t—are happy to know there is a sustainable company at the receiving end.

Our own collection specialist, Carrie Large, noticed right away how people reacted to Sage’s participation. The State Auto employees, “…were unsure of what to do with the carloads of older equipment they brought; many were concerned about their personal data.” But, when they saw how Sage handled their devices, “they were relieved to know there was a solution that would ensure the proper recycling and data security on their devices.” Carrie said.

Bringing a sustainable and secure plan to the devices we harvest always creates confidence in those who participate in these kinds of events. It’s a secret pleasure that makes doing these events so much fun for our team. To see, as Carrie said about State Auto’s employees, “the look of relief in their eyes as they unloaded years-worth of devices securely and sustainably…” is just icing on this green cake. Add to that the numbers we saw from the State Auto collection event and it really was, as Carrie put it: “…priceless."

If you are interested in scheduling a Collection Event of your own for your employees, please contact our employee collection specialist here. We can offer a white-glove service, where we handle everything, or any level of involvement you want. It's a chance for your employees to have the full range of ITAD services your company might need, but for their own personal devices.

Engage your employees, boost your ESG rating, and do some good for the world by making your next employee electronics collection event a sustainable one.

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