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Sustainability Can Be Every Employee’s Concern With the Right Approach


Image ©: Waste Wise ProductsSustainability is becoming increasingly interwoven in business best practices. Not merely because being environmentally responsible is the right thing to do, but because society as a whole is wizening up to the truth about our planet. However, despite this movement, you might still be fighting an uphill battle with your employees to alter their entrenched behavior. Well, there are ways to encourage employee interaction with your sustainability programs that will create even more results than just an improved ESG rating.

It all starts with buy-in

Any program worth its salt is going to have to have buy-in from the employees. But this can be as simple as helping them to understand the benefit of sustainable behavior over that of unsustainable actions. The beauty of this is that as your program gains acceptance, that difference becomes increasingly apparent.

Maybe you’re wondering why you’d invest time and energy into spearheading this kind of change. Well, moving toward sustainability, as I said in the intro paragraph, brings far more than just good rapport with investors and customers. When employees take ownership of sustainable behavior, it can bring a sense of responsibility to everything those employees do—along with having a measurable metric they can be encouraged by.

Turn employees into believers

Integrating corporate sustainability into how your company approaches decision making will bring the same sense of ownership responsibility to the big choices your employees are helping you make every day. Only, by owning it, they have more reason to innovate, push, and reinforce that behavior. Being able to say “I’m sustainable because of where I work” will continue to become a powerful statement the more our culture moves toward this thinking. All the better if you’ve encouraged the behavior before it becomes mainstream.

You’ll have had the time to incubate, launch, and entrench as the article above prescribes, unlike your competitors. And that’s an edge you’ll want to have the more our culture moves toward green. Not to mention having employees engaged in this pro-business lifestyle can aid employee retention and customer appreciation as the brand equity of your business grows. Keeping in mind that the current and future generation of consumers prize sustainability as one of the determining factors driving their purchase decisions.  

Sustainability is sustainable

We’ve covered that sustainable behavior—specifically with your ITAM program—can benefit your ESG metrics, that it can help in engaging your employees, that it serves to promote customer and employee retention, and that it is a forward-looking differentiator that gives your business a competitive advantage. But there is one other factor about sustainable business practices that I’d be remiss not to state: It’s sustainable.

With buy-in from your employees, you can bet that sustainability will never go out of style. But more than that, by definition, it’s a program that will support itself ongoing. This brings an attractiveness to it that is likely unmatched in anything else your company endeavors to do. That kind of potential for “perpetual motion” makes employee buy-in a renewable resource.

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