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Reduce Spend In Your IT Procurement With Sustainability


Image ©: Circuit Technology CenterWe all want an ace-in-the-hole for our work, don’t we? Especially when we are up against a strict budget to bring in good IT equipment for less.

You’ve got an order to fill and you can’t seem to find a cost-effective solution; you’re stuck between a rock and the finance department. Believe it or not, there is a secret weapon to fulfilling that order while reducing your spend. And, it’ll help your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) ratings, too.  

Sustainability is more than a good idea

When most of us hear about sustainability, we think of chasing arrows, or of the next collection event. It’s a compartment within our daily activities that we access generally whenever we’ve purchased a latté and specifically whenever it’s April 22nd (that’s Earth Day). True sustainability, however, is a lifestyle that returns amazing dividends when applied to things like procurement or IT assets.

It all comes down to redeployment. When fulfilling procurement with reused or refurbished devices, a business can save costs, improve ESG ratings, help the environment, and amortize the environmental cost to manufacture the devices being repurposed. A simple decision made sustainably can yield significant returns.

But, how do I choose redeployment?

Of course, redeploying used technology back into your work force isn’t as simple as dusting off the CRT for the intern. To keep up with current business demands, devices that have been pushed off the dock into cold storage need to be refurbished first. This requires having a few things in place to maintain a like-new experience for the would-be user:

  • Data-Erasure – before anything can be done to refurbish the device, you have to ensure that ALL its data has been wiped clean. We use a NIST 800-88 rated data-erasure software to ensure there is no sensitive data being transferred to the new user.
  • Thorough cleaning – No one likes sticky keys or chipped bezels, so we take the time to wipe down and repair anything we can on the devices we refurbish. This means future users treat the device with the same level of respect as a new model.
  • Reinstalled OS – at Sage, we have Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher status, or MAR for short. This means we can install a brand-new license of Microsoft OS on our refurbished devices. Once again, this brings the level of value back up to near new for the device.
  • Secure logistics – if your retired IT assets are stored off-site, you might need a secure transport to ensure no device is lost in the move. We use the serial number of each device to track and maintain fidelity in our logistics services.

It's time to change the question

The simplest way to make this shift in your own business procurement model is to change how you pose the question. Instead of asking “how can we afford new IT assets,” switch it to, “how do we stop buying new stuff?”

Shifting to this kind of thinking will do more than just reducing your spend. It also improves the ROI with current IT assets. Consider what reusing older—paid-for—devices can do for the overall investment in that device. IT procurement from a sustainable perspective helps your entire company move toward a more sustainable operation.

The greatest reason to make this move now for your current procurement needs is that it can help justify a larger spend on future devices when you do need OEM equipment. If you can put those owned devices to work for longer than the typical business, it’s reasonable to spend more on future equipment. Better memory, faster processors, and state-of-the-art components will only make those devices last even longer the next time around.

It’s a better view from here

Sustainability as a mindset yields great things. It’s that simple flip to start thinking of ways to reuse or extend the life of your devices that can help you blow your procurement goals out of the water. It’s a good thing to do. And, when done with the right tools or partners, it can be a procurement win because you reduce your spend without compromising quality, all while boosting your company’s ESG performance.

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