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Recycling advocates are missing the greenest option: Reuse


Image ©: Rummaged ReverieRecycling is a fantastic process when it comes to things like paper, glass, or metal. But the complexity of electronic devices that merge plastics and glass with metals and toxic materials makes for a costly and dangerous process. Sadly, recycling isn’t the bastion of environmentalism it once was. The alternative? Our old friend Reuse.

The power of Reuse

The same-old-story of recycling has had its time. But recycling cannot be a comprehensive solution for business IT assets. Not only because of the economics, but also because end-of-life for business electronics is actually the beginning of the road for individuals and smaller businesses.

Reuse, has almost no negatives and can be a fraction of the cost that’s needed to properly recycle electronics. Keep in mind, the reuse we’re talking about is more than just handing over tablets and laptops. There remains a need for data security and legal holds, as well as data erasure and refurbishment to ensure optimum results.

By clearing existing data and refurbishing each device we receive, we are able to provide a like-new experience to future owners that blows anything recyclers would be able to offer out of the water.

Just seeing recycling as the answer for your business’s end-of-life devices is shortsighted at the potential every device has. By refurbishing and reselling, either to your employees or to the greater public, you gain the potential for profit share while avoiding unwittingly getting involved in an international e-waste crime.

It ain’t easy being green …while recycling

The simple answer is to recite the three Rs with equal weight on each, but as I said to start: things have changed. Reuse is the winner when it comes to electronic devices. But there will eventually come a time when recycling is inevitable. When that happens, choosing the right recycler is critical. e-Stewards certification is the best chance for handling your IT assets correctly, and for truly keeping it green throughout your IT asset’s lifecycle.

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